How To Control Raspberry Pi Without A Keyboard?

how to control raspberry pi without a keyboard

Raspberry pi is a device of multiple computer boards used as a credit card on screens of computers and TVs. It is known as a headless setup because the use of raspberry pi is formal. It is a simple interface used for various configurations of computers like the setup of wifi and SSH. This setup demands us care and attention because the worth of this setup is high for additional commands. Before making this setup headless, you must determine how to control raspberry pi without a keyboard.
A few years ago, the Raspberry pi association launched this device and designed it for use without helping gadgets. Now everyone knows the advantages of this device. The process of retaining this device is not challenging whether you operate a keyboard or not. This guide will lead you in easy ways that are ordinary and brief.

How To Control Raspberry Pi Without A Keyboard?

The control of raspberry pi is effortless and stable. You need some hardware instruments for setting up a raspberry pi without a keyboard. The software will help you for connecting wifi and make them wireless. You need some installation on the SD card and enabling SSH and wifi.

After that, you can unmount the SD card and boot this setup. The following process is to start with finding the IP address of Pi. In the end, you can ascend the raspberry pi on a computer or laptop. For a better experience, you can try the following procedure.

Instructed Puppets

  1. Laptop or Computer
  2. Raspberry Pi device
  3. 16 GB SD card
  4. SD card reader
  5. Wifi network
  6. Data Cable
  7. Rasbian OS software

Using these devices and software, you can efficiently set up and control raspberry pi without a keyboard.

1. Installation of Raspberry Pi OS on the SD card

The first step in this procedure is the installation of software. At the start, you need to install raspberry pi os software on an SD card with the help of a card reader. Put the SD card in the card reader, and connect it to your laptop or computer, after that, follow the installation method. 

  • Download the raspberry pi imager 
  • Select the SD card option
  • Download third-party images on an SD card by using the software page
  • Connect it with pi and make it bootable
  • Make sure this installation by troubleshooting

2. Make SSH Enable

After installation of raspberry pi, the next step is enabling SSH. You need to enable SSH by creating and booting an empty file on the SD card. Try to use a micro sd card because it works without a card reader if you have a laptop. Enable SSH by the following method.

  • Navigate the boot directory folder: cd>volume>boot
  • Create an empty file and name it: touch ssh
  • After exists, this file will enable at the time of booting pi

3. Make Wifi Enable

Without wifi, you cannot control this setup. After enabling SSH, you need to choose strong wifi like Ethernet. I always recommend you select the Ethernet for the latest versions of the raspberry pi. Follow some given steps and enable wifi.

  • Navigate the boot directory folder: cd>volume>boot
  • Create a file named wpa_suplicant
  • Add your network name and password
  • Wifi will enable on the computer and pi

4. Remove The SD Card And Make Pi Bootable

This step is very simple and straight. You just need to remove the sd card from your computer or laptop. After removing it, connect this card to the raspberry pi device. Now make this device bootable by using the SD card. During this process, make sure that the device is connected to a network.

5. Locate The IP Address On Pi

There are two conditions applicable. If you have just one pi, use a ping named file by creating the folder on the boot directory. If you have multiple pi, then use the Nmap scanner for finding the IP address on Pi. After scanning, you can find the exact IP on Pi.

6. Merge The IP into Pi

After finding an accurate IP address, you need to merge it in Pi with the help of the boot directory folder. Create a file SSH or use an already created file of SSH. Put the IP address at the front of ssh. Your IP address will supersede into the pi device. By doing so, you are near to completing this setup.

7. Mount The Pi Device On The Computer

In the end, you can complete your work by mounting the pi device on the computer. You can mount the pi device by creating a folder with the help boot directory folder. Open the boot directory option and create a file named ssh. Put this code in file sshfs-oallow_other_pi@ /Volumes/pi. Your device will mount on your computer.

How Do I Access My Raspberry Pi From My Computer?

Numerous ways are valid and applicable for this purpose, but here you can follow the easiest way to get access on the raspberry pi. You can follow up on some connections to pi to get access to the computer. You can connect them by SSH, VNC, and USB. These three ways are much easy than others. You can follow the given procedure.

  • Open the boot directory folder
  • Enable SSH by following point 2 of the above method
  • Put the IP address of the Pi device
  • Now you can do anything on Pi with your computer


Getting the setup of wireless devices without keyboards is not difficult because we described everything step-by-step. You can understand how to control raspberry pi without a keyboard by employing the given method. We clarified every step in detail, so there is no need to wonder. If you find any issues during the usage of  Pi, follow this guide. Moreover, you can use SSH, VNC, and USB to bring access to Pi from the computer without a keyboard.

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