How To Play With Keyboard And Mouse On Genshin Impact Ps4?

how to play keyboard and mouse on genshin impact ps4

Gamers rely on control sources like mice, keyboards, and remote controllers. They love to employ multiple devices to create the joy of games. The lightning keyboard has a central preference for gamers. Genshin Impact Ps4 game has the consent of keyboards and mice, but when it comes to beginners, the question of how to play with a keyboard and mouse on Genshin impact ps4 is often asked.

Playing Genshin with keyboards and a mouse demands more attention from players than other games. Hold your senses and move down to learn how you can do it with the help of keyboard functions. 

How To Play Keyboard And Mouse On Genshin Impact Ps4?

Let me explain one attribute, Ps4 does not comprise the feature of playing games with keyboards, whether you are playing Genshin or other games. It is literally an unacceptable fact for game lovers. However, Genshin provides this access on other versions, but by changing the settings, it is possible on Ps4.

Genshin does not work directly with keyboards and mice because the Ps4 version comes without this feature. It does not mean you cannot play with keyboards and mice. You need to connect your keyboard through cable or Bluetooth quickly.  After that, follow these steps.

  • Let Genshin on and navigate the dashboard
  • Click on the Paimon icon
  • Reach on the Setting option 
  • Click on the Control option
  • Select the Keyboard mode
  • Press the exit option

Now your keyboard mode is on and you have access to play this game with the keyboard. Knowledge of functions with keys is another necessity for you. Use the keys like the following features:

Pressing Keys Taking Actions
Press 5 Wag the 5th party member
Press F1 Appearance of handbook
Press F2 Open additional screen
Press F3 Add wish screen mode
Press F4 Add battle pass screen mode
Press F5 Open the events menu bar
Press X Fall while climbing
Press Z Use widget
Press T Exchange particular mode
Press B Open inventory
Press C Open characters bar
Press M Open Map
Press Right + Ctrl Walk and run

How Can Genshin Impact Play With The Controller?

The controllers are supported by Genshin, but some Android devices are not allowed to use them. Either iPhone users can play this game with a controller. You can use controllers from various brands like Xbox and PS. We will show you how to use the controller on a laptop.

  • Connect it to the device by Bluetooth or cable
  • Install controller drivers
  • Open the game dashboard
  • Navigate the menu bar
  • Tap on setting
  • Tap on the control option
  • Select controller mode
  • Tap Done

What is Genshin Impact Ps4?

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android devices. It features a massive, vibrant world filled with characters to meet, quests to complete, and secrets to uncover. Players take on the role of a traveler, exploring the world and battling monsters in order to save the land ofTeyvat from an unknown force. The game also features a unique combat system and a variety of weapons and abilities to customize your character’s playstyle. The game also features cross-platform play, allowing players on different platforms to play together.

How To Play With Keyboard And Mouse On Genshin Impact Ps4?

Genshin Impact is compatible with a keyboard and mouse on the PlayStation 4. To use a keyboard and mouse, you will need to purchase a keyboard and mouse adapter, such as the Xim Apex, and then connect it to your PlayStation 4 console. Once connected, you can then configure the Xim Apex to your preferences and begin playing Genshin Impact with a keyboard and mouse.

The Xim Apex is a keyboard and mouse adapter that connects to your PlayStation 4 console, allowing you to use a keyboard and mouse to play Genshin Impact. It is compatible with a wide variety of keyboard and mouse models, so you can use the input device of your choice. Once connected, you can configure the Xim Apex to your preferences and begin playing Genshin Impact with a keyboard and mouse. It also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and customize the buttons on the keyboard and mouse.

The Xim Apex also features an app, which allows you to customize your settings even further. You can adjust the sensitivity of each axis of the mouse, set different profiles for different characters, and even tweak the response curve to make sure you’re getting the performance you need in-game. The app also allows you to adjust the polling rate of the keyboard and mouse, which can help reduce input lag and improve accuracy.

Does PS4 support playing with mouse and keyboard?

The short answer to this question is no, the PlayStation 4 does not support the use of a mouse and keyboard. PlayStation 4 was designed to be an entertainment system, and as such, it does not support the use of a mouse and keyboard. This is because the system was designed to be used with a controller.

The controller allows for a more intuitive experience and is the recommended way to play most games. However, some games have been released with mouse and keyboard support, such as Overwatch and Final Fantasy XIV. These games were specifically developed to support mouse and keyboard play, and as such, they can be played on the PlayStation 4 with a mouse and keyboard.

Some third-party manufacturers have also created adapters that allow you to use a mouse and keyboard on the PlayStation4, though these are not officially supported by Sony.

In addition, some PS4 games may be released with support for a mouse and keyboard. This is because some developers choose to create their games with mouse and keyboard support, as it can provide a more immersive experience for some genres. However, this is not always the case, and it is up to the individual developer to decide whether or not to include mouse and keyboard support in their game.

Overall, while it is possible to use a mouse and keyboard on the PlayStation 4, it is not an officially supported feature and not all games will support it.

Is it better to play Genshin impact on a keyboard or controller?

This ultimately depends on personal preference, as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Using a keyboard and mouse is the traditional way to play Genshin Impact. It offers the most precise control and allows access to all the game’s features, such as hotkeys, combos, and more.

However, it can be difficult to master some of the more complex maneuvers, such as dodging enemy attacks or making quick jumps. It also requires a lot of precision and can be uncomfortable for some players. Using a controller, on the other hand, can make the game easier to play. It’s more comfortable and intuitive, as the controls are laid out in a way that’s familiar to console gamers. Most people also find it easier to perform more complex maneuvers with a controller than with a keyboard.

The downside is that a controller may not have access to all the features of the game, such as hotkeys and combos. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you’re more comfortable with a controller, then it’s probably the better option.

However, if you’re a more experienced player and want access to all the features of the game, then a keyboard and mouse may be the better option.


Under different conditions, games demand multiple playing sources. The keyboard and mouse have to position in the list of game requirements. Genshin is leading controllers to play but how to play keyboard and mouse on Genshin impact ps4 is separately worthwhile.

You can get help with connecting and using keyboards with Genshin by using the above procedures.

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