Are Razer Keyboards Compatible With Mac?

are razer keyboards compatible with mac

If you are looking, are Razer keyboards compatible with mac? You are in the right place. Razer is one of the favorite keyboards among people due to its attractive look and comfortable layout. Therefore, the demand for this brand is rising day by day. 

If you have Razer, it is not an immense matter whether you use a simple monitor or a macOS. By doing some simple setup with keys, you can convert it for every monitor, especially for macOS

Razer is not directly working on assembling sacks for macOS. However, gamers always prefer its accessories to mac users. After testing different models of Razer keyboards on mac, we will represent the process of setting your Razer keyboard for mac.

 Are Razer Keyboards Compatible With Mac?

Even Razer is not directly working for macOS, but its keyboards are compatible with mac. Razer keyboards are set for technically windows by default, and you cannot use them for macOS without advanced setting modifier keys, keybinds, and macros. If you desire it, you are required to whip modifier keys according to mac system appreciation.

There is a temporary difference that occurs in mac programs after setting it on the Razer keyboard but, nothing to wonder about because it happens due to converting the system from a custom keyboard to a Razer keyboard. Before using a Razer keyboard on a mac, check the difference in functions of keys between a mac and a simple window computer.  

Modifier Keys

Both computers have diverse layouts and orders of modifier keys. Locate Shift, Alt, Control, and the Windows keys on your mac keyboard, and now note the place of the identical keys on the Razer keyboard, difference will emerge readily. 

Keycap’s Logos

The keys of Razer keyboards do the same job for mac according to placed functions, but there is a dissimilarity in logos of keycaps that can affect your mode of detection. Because Razer keyboards typically come without command logo keys.

Additional Functions

The macOS keyboards have multiple functions that conduct by some acts with the blend of command, shift, option, or control keys like automatically rearranging spaces, changing in MC preferences, setting up a hot corner, and pop-up menus. You are not allowed to perform these functions on macOS while using a Razer keyboard. 

After determining the differences in keyboards, you can use Razer on macOS without any barriers. Move to know, do Razer keyboards work with mac? Use the following acts that are easier and quicker to help.

  • Connect the keyboard to the mac with a plug
  • Navigate the system preferences
  • Click on the keyboard option
  • Reach on modifier keys
  • Switch them according to mac functions
  • Your keys will reorder for mac

Which Razer Keyboards Are Compatible With mac?

You can use all the keyboards of Razer on various models of mac, but here is a list of some keyboards that are compatible with mac and easy to use. With the installation of Synapse 2 on macOS, you can use these keyboards without primacy.

  1. Razer DeathStalker 
  2. Razer Kraken
  3. Razer Huntsman
  4. Razer Basilisk
  5. Razer BlackWidow
  6. Razer Ornata
  7. Razer Cynosa


You always need software named “synapse” for using Razer keyboards, whether you have a custom computer or a macOS. This software is updateable, and the new version of Razer came with a synapse 3. In the case of macOS, you need to install its previous version synapse 2, after associating it with the computer.

We described all about are Razer keyboards compatible with mac or not, and In the end, it’s on your head to apply the correct process.

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