How To Play Goldeneye 007 With Mouse And keyboard?

how to play goldeneye 007 with mouse and keyboard

Goldeneye 007 was developed in 1997 by comparing the James bond, named Goldeneye. It is also known as the first target-shooting game of agents in which a satellite weapon is under use. The latest update of the Goldeneye was released in 2021 after a long term. This update helps to raise the questions like how to play Goldeneye 007 with mouse and keyboard.

The thoughts and approaches of gamers never end with a single game, and their level of trying something new is so elevated than others. The strategy of playing Goldeneye 007 with a mouse and keyboard is based on new variations, and we hope this will help you.

How To Play Goldeneye 007 With Mouse And keyboard?

Goldeneye 007 allows its users to play with the support of a mouse and keyboard, whether they are using Xbox or PlayStation. Before playing this game, you need to download and install some plugins to control video, audio, and input settings. After completing the installation, you can turn on the injunction of the keyboard and mouse, and you can control the system with hand indication. Various plugins are usable, but these three are more worthwhile.

  1. GLideN64 2.0 for video controls
  2. Azimer’s HLE v0.56 WIP 2 for audio controls
  3. Mouse Injector GE 1.4 for input controls

With the use of GLideN64, you can set the resolution of the game as you desire. Go to the plugins section and select this plugin to change the resolution of the screen. The Azimers will allow you to control the audio section of the game. Change the control layout before setting up input settings. Follow these steps to play Goldeneye 007 with a mouse and keyboard. 

  • Download the needed plugin
  • Click on the plugin and tap on install
  • Open the game file and click on the plugin option
  • Select the change plugin section and tap on the plugin you want to use
  • Press 4 and open mouse injector¬†
  • Enable the movement of the mouse and check for testing

Now you can use your keyboard and mouse to control Goldeneye 007 but you need to add something more for the proper use of the mouse. Set the cursor by using the keyboard like the following.

  • Push the tab key to hide the cursor
  • Press 5 and + to increase the mouse sensitivity
  • Press 5 and – to decrease the mouse sensitivity
  • Press 6 and + to push up the movement scale of the crosshair
  • Press 6 and – to push down the movement scale of the crosshair
  • Press 7 to invert the pitch
  • Press 8 to disable the movement of the crosshair during striving
  • Press Ctrl and 0 to lock the setting as default

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In this guide, we explained how to play Goldeneye 007 with mouse and keyboard. Caution during setup is another necessity to play a soft game. If your game suffering from glitches and lacks, right-click on the file>properties>compatibilities and enable the high DPI scale of the display. If the suggested plugins do not work properly, change them with suitable plugins.

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