How to Get The Keyboard Pickaxe in Fortnite?

how to get the keyboard pickaxe in fortnite

In the ways of gaming, every theme or reward comes with an upgrade level. Fortnite is one of the most popular online playing games having extreme collections. According to advanced clusters, every season of Fortnite arrives with something impressive and revived.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 includes ten-plus quests, and after beating a level in probes, a theme will open for you. Keyboard pickaxe is a theme that appears in this season. After listening to it, everyone wants to know how to get the keyboard pickaxe in Fortnite.

Before getting a keyboard pickaxe, make sure that you have played the previous season and all events constantly. Because more knowledge about the setting, more help getting a keyboard pickaxe. This article will nourish a complete method of getting a keyboard in Fortnite.

How to Get The Keyboard Pickaxe in Fortnite?

A keyboard pickaxe is a harvesting tool set as an aim in Fortnite’s latest version. It demands time to play LMT and simple challenges in Fortnite to unlock new tools. The more time you play it, the better tools will be unlocked. Another interesting fact about Fortnite is this tool is free, and there is no need to spend money to unlock it. Island games quests will help you in unlocking this tool.

There are different playing modes on the way. After playing all the modes of the island quests, you can get the keyboard pickaxe in Fortnite. Follow some given rules at the time of playing. 

Often these rules are discussed at the start of the new versions of the game, but most gamers ignore them.

  • Open the dashboard of Fortnite chapter 2
  • Navigate the option of Quests
  • Select the Island quests
  • Locate all the quests given with different tools
  • Find the keyboard pickaxe reward
  • Play every quest with the demanding mode(modes mentioned below)
  • Reach on number 9 after playing all the quests
  • Complete this quest with different modes( 9 times)
  • The keyboard pickaxe will unlock
  • Now you can play with this tool

The Fortnite game has multiple techniques of playing, themes, rewards, plans, quests, challenges, wraps, and equipment. In the type of island quests, these modes take part to play.

  1. Prison Breakout
  2. Red vs. Blue Rumble
  3. Finest 2v2
  4. Red vs. Blue Lava
  5. Wildlands Surviva

Can You Still Get The Qwerty AXE In Fortnite?

There is only one way to get Qwerty Axe in Fortnite, which is possible by playing all the quests of island challenges with various modes. You can still use the Qwerty axe in chapter 2 because this theme is available in only Fortnite chapter 2, season 7.

This reward is a portion of the quarter jockey group. Play the nine quests and get different wraps and emotes with clutch manners. However, you can still get the qwerty axe only in chapter 2. You cannot find this tool in other chapters or seasons of Fortnite. 

How Do You Unlock The GeForce Now Pickaxe?

GeForce Now is the platform for improving gaming skills on Windows, PC, Mac, laptops, cell phones, iOS devices, and tablets. Most gamers used this service to perform live-stream games. By using the service GeForce on any device, you can unlock the pickaxe theme after getting a login to GeForce. First, sign up the GeForce and get access to the server.

After that, you can play Fortnite through the cloud streaming on a new browser or the NOW app. By completing the 9 quests of Fortnite, you can unlock the pickaxe on the Geforce Now.


You can use chrome, opera, and fox browsers to operate the server of the NOW app. Both ways are valid, if you have any stress about how to get the keyboard pickaxe in Fortnite, keep it away and choose the method of getting it. It is not worth it whether you are using any certain server or not for playing Fortnite. In any way, the same process will repeat to unlock the keyboard pickaxe tool.

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