How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Keyboard [Complete Guide]

how to unlock arrow keys on keyboard

Is your arrow not working on Google Chrome? If you want to know how to unlock the arrow keys on a keyboard, then you’re at the right place. I once had the same problem and found a fix. And, you know what, it takes seconds to do it on your PC.

Checking Keyboard Settings

The first step in unlocking the arrow keys on a keyboard is to check the keyboard’s settings. On some keyboard models, the arrow keys may be locked as a security feature to prevent accidental keystrokes. To check the settings, go to the keyboard’s control panel or software and look for an option to unlock the arrow keys. If this option is available, simply toggle it to unlock the keys.

If the option is not available, or the keyboard does not have a control panel, proceed to the next step.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Keyboard {Global}:

  • Start with the notebook turned off.
  • Hold down the ESC key.
  • While holding down the ESC key, turn on the power to the notebook.
  • When an on-screen message displays and you hear a beep, release the ESC key.
  • Choose F10 to enter the BIOS menu.
  • Use the Left/Right Arrow keys to select the System Configuration menu, and then press Enter.
  • Use the Left/Right Arrow keys to navigate to Action Keys Mode option, and then use the Up/Down Arrow keys to change the setting to enable. Press Enter.
  • If you do not want the arrow keys on your keyboard locked, you need to unlock them in the BIOS menu.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Logitech Keyboard

Can’t find the “scroll lock” button on the keyboard to unlock your arrow keys? You’re not alone! The scroll lock is hidden on most Logitech keyboards. It’s easy to find once you know where it is, but it can be maddening if you don’t.

Press the “Fn” (function) key simultaneously with “F11.” It will toggle the function lock on and off. If you press “6,” an arrow pointing right will appear at the bottom of your screen. Pressing any of the other six function keys will also activate a different arrow.

More so, this Easy-Switch allows you to use your keyboard like a number pad. You can also use it as a multimedia keyboard, with keys to control volume and play/pause media playback in most applications.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Mac Keyboard

If you have a Mac laptop, press Fn+F6 to toggle the Arrow Keys mode. This is a great way to use the arrow keys on your Mac’s keyboard to move around and edit text.

If you have a standalone Mac keyboard, press the function keys (F1-F12) at the top of your keyboard and see if that unlocks your arrow keys.

If neither of those works, try this: Open System Preferences on your Mac, click Keyboard, and then click Modifier Keys. Change the “Caps Lock Key” setting to “No Action.”

If that doesn’t work, it might be because you have another program running that overrides your keyboard input and locks the arrow keys. Try closing any other programs that are running in case they are interfering with your Mac’s keyboard input.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Lenovo Keyboard

Sometimes, even Lenovo’s users have trouble with this issue. In fact, they have trouble with all keys. In some cases, the Lenovo laptops run perfectly fine for the first few minutes, but after that, their keyboard stops working.

In this case, you can follow the steps below to unlock the Fn key.

Step 1: Right-click Start Menu and choose Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand Keyboards and then right-click Standard PS/2 keyboard and choose Update driver.

Step 3: Select Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the on-screen instructions to update the driver software. After that, restart your computer to see if your keyboard works again.

If you are still having issues with your keyboard after completing these steps, then I would recommend you contact Lenovo support for further assistance.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Keyboard In Excel

In Excel, you should be able to use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to navigate around the spreadsheet.

When you press these keys, you may get a beep sound from your computer, and nothing happens on your worksheet. It’s because the keys may have been set to Scroll Lock.

To enable these keys again:

Press Scroll Lock ONCE (you will hear a beep).

You will notice that the Scroll Lock message on the status bar is gone.

Now you can use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move around in the worksheet.

How To Unlock Arrow Keys On Dell Keyboard

if the arrow keys on your dell laptop stop working, you can use the keyboard shortcut to solve this problem.

If you are using an Inspiron or Latitude series laptop and the keys of your keyboard stop working, you can lock and unlock them, which may solve the problem. You can do this by using Numpad on your laptop as follows:

Press “Num Lock”(Fn + F11) to turn on numpad.

Then press Fn+ Num Lock (F11).

After that, press Fn+ ScrLk (F12).

Tada! You’ve unlocked your dell laptop arrow keys.

Restarting the Computer

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue of locked arrow keys. To do this, simply shut down the computer and then turn it back on. After the computer has restarted, check if the arrow keys are now functioning properly. If the keys are still locked, proceed to the next step.

Note: It’s always a good practice to save any important work before restarting the computer.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If restarting the computer doesn’t work, there are other ways to troubleshoot the issue of locked arrow keys. Check if there are any stuck keys on the keyboard that could be causing the arrow keys to lock. Make sure that the Num Lock key is not activated, as this can cause the arrow keys to lock. If the keyboard is connected to a laptop, try using an external keyboard to see if the arrow keys are working.

Check if there are any updates available for the keyboard’s driver software. Updating the software could fix any compatibility issues that could be causing the arrow keys to lock. If none of these steps work, it may be necessary to replace the keyboard.

Note: It’s important to follow the troubleshooting steps in a systematic order to quickly identify and resolve the issue of locked arrow keys.

How do you lock and unlock arrow keys?

Locking and unlocking the arrow keys on your keyboard can be a simple process, but it may vary depending on the type of keyboard you have. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check Keyboard Settings: The first step in unlocking the arrow keys is to check the keyboard settings. On most keyboards, you can lock and unlock the arrow keys by pressing a combination of keys, such as “Fn” + “Num Lock”. You can refer to your keyboard manual to find the correct key combination.
  2. Restarting the Computer: If the arrow keys are still locked, restarting the computer can sometimes resolve the issue. Simply restart your computer and check if the arrow keys are now unlocked.
  3. Troubleshooting Common Issues: If you’re still having trouble unlocking the arrow keys, there may be a software issue causing the problem. Try updating your keyboard drivers or uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard software.

It’s important to note that some keyboards do not have the capability to lock and unlock the arrow keys. In this case, the only option would be to use an alternative keyboard that does have this feature.

How do I change my arrow keys back to normal?

If your arrow keys are not functioning as expected, there are several steps you can take to change them back to normal.

  1. Check Keyboard Settings: The first step is to check your keyboard’s settings to make sure that the arrow keys are not locked or disabled. Some keyboards have a key lock feature that can lock the arrow keys. To check if your keyboard has this feature, look for a key labeled “Num Lock” or “ScrLk.” Pressing this key will unlock the arrow keys if they are locked.
  2. Restart the Computer: If checking the keyboard settings doesn’t resolve the issue, try restarting your computer. This can often resolve software issues that may be causing the arrow keys to malfunction.
  3. Update Keyboard Drivers: If the arrow keys are still not working, it may be due to outdated or corrupted drivers. To fix this, you can update your keyboard drivers by downloading the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Check External Devices: If you are using an external keyboard, make sure it is properly connected and functioning correctly. If it is not, try unplugging and re-connecting it or try a different keyboard.

If the issue still persists after trying these steps, it may be a hardware issue and you may need to replace the keyboard or have it repaired. To avoid further issues, make sure to regularly maintain and update your keyboard’s software and drivers.


So, you may know now how to unlock the arrow keys on the keyboard for various brands. Still, if the situation persists or you don’t get the correct answer, you can contact customer support for your brand.

Aside from that, a simple fix to unlock your keyboard is to restart your rig and try again or update the drivers.

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