How to Change Color on Redragon Keyboard

You probably have a custom build rig and peripherals that support RGB light if you are a gamer. Most keyboards are RGB these days as gamers want to add aesthetics to their gaming setup. But setting up the RGB lighting and changing the color is not a walk in the park for everyone. Therefore we have compiled how to change color on Redragon keyboard s107 with RGB lights to get aesthetics according to your choice.

While most people prefer the RGB lights, some may want to turn them off to attain focus on their work. However, it is undeniable that the ambiance and aesthetics provided by the RGB lighting are beyond satisfying and stunning, especially in darker rooms.

As every manufacturer differs in their software and has a different way of handling the RGB lights, changing the color on the Redragon keyboard is also challenging. If you own K552 and want a Redragon keyboard K552 color change, we are here to give an in-depth brief of the process. After the read, you can change the color of the Redragon keyboard or disable it altogether. 

How to Change Color on a Redragon Keyboard K552

Redragon keyboard has one of the easiest ways to change the keyboard color. You can trigger the color change by pressing the Fn key with the Right Arrow key. Pressing these keys together can help you change the color easily.

Utilizing this method can help you change the color to the following pattern. You can repeatedly press the key combination to switch between the color already present on the keyboard. Besides changing the keyboard’s color, the Redragon keyboard allows the user to modify the color of each key which is impressive.

Changing the whole Keyboard Color Without using Software

You can use the standard shortcut to change the Redragon keyboard color without any assistance. You can use the Fn key combination with the Right Arrow key to switch colors. It helps you to cycle the colors. It is beneficial when looking for how to change color on the Redragon keyboard s107.

While the method looks convenient, the range of the color remains limited. You can only cycle the keyboard color that is already in the layout. You cannot explore additional color options as there is no option without software.

Changing Color of Individual Keys

You can change the individual key color without software for the Redragon keyboard. This function is helpful and handy when changing the key color. It is useful when you want to know how to change color on Redragon keyboard k530.

You can follow these easy steps to change the color of the individual keys:

Press the combination of Fn and Tilde key (~) consecutively two times. After the successful attempt, the Win Lock, Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock will start flashing. You will see that the Tilde key (~) is currently selected in color.

Now you can use the default color-switching combination of Fn and Right Arrow key to change the color options. Select the color you want and move to the next step.

Press the keys you want to set with this color and save the settings at the end-use Fn and Tilde (~) combination.

It is an excellent utility to have for changing the color without software. However, utilizing the software makes the process easy and more convenient. Besides K530, you can use this method to search for how do i change the color of my redragon keyboard.

Changing the Color with Software

Downloading and installing extra software seem more hassle than changing the color without using the software. However, all the effort you invest in downloading and installing the software later proves more rewarding. It is worth noticing that you can change the RGB combination and work with new combinations without much pondering. 

Follow these steps to change the color of the Redragon keyboard by utilizing the software.

  • Go to the official support site of your keyboard and download the software.
  • Run the installation wizard and complete it.
  • Run the software once the installation is completed. 
  • Inside the software, check the lightbox, and from the dropdown menu, select the Coastal option.
  • Now choose the color picker by pressing the Basic color button.
  • Use a color picker to choose the color of your preference. You can utilize more color options by clicking on Other in the menu.
  • Save changes by pressing the OK button.

You can save the color and assign it to a profile for choosing the colors later without any hassle. Saving them to profile helps to switch between the color schemes without needing to monitor the color codes and patterns.

  • If you want to change the color of each key, you can click on the pin icon.
  • Now click the keys whose color you want to replace. Once you see the border around the selected keys, you have assigned them the color change.
  • Repeat the steps for different colors and assign the color to other keys. 
  • You can change the colors to the basic color by clicking the erase icon and selecting the key whose color you want to revert.

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How to Turn Off Redragon Keyboard Led Lights?

If you don’t feel like you need a colorful layout or RGB colors, or you want to take a break from the flashing lights, you can turn off the lights altogether. It only takes pressing a key combination to stop all the lights on the Redragon Keyboard.

Use the Fn key and the Down Arrow key simultaneously. After a successful keypress, you will observe lowered brightness of the lights.

Keeping pressing the key combination will bring down the lights ultimately. 

Final Words

Changing the color of the whole keyboard or a single key is nothing to worry about when you know the drill. Multiple ways allow you to change color quickly, whether using the software or without.

While changing the color on the Redragon keyboard is more effortless and straightforward without the software, you cannot ignore the importance of the software. The software makes it possible to utilize multiple options and customize the color more precisely. 

You can turn the lights off completely when you don’t feel like using them. You don’t need to worry much about customization when you know your options, no matter your preference.


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