How to Make your Keyboard Louder? Step by Step Guide

how to make your keyboard louder

If you are not among those who like their keyboards silent, then this how to make your keyboard louder guide can come in handy. The pleasant experience of keyboard keys bottoming up gives a nostalgic feel to old typewriters. Some users want the louder sound for satisfying and self-soothing purposes.

Whatever your reasons for loving the louder keypress sounds are, you need a keyboard capable of producing such noise and feedback. Below, I explain how you can increase the keyboard noise and make it louder. I will also recommend a few louder keyboards to get louder feedback on how you prefer your keyboard. 

How to Make your Gaming Keyboard Louder

Try these hacks to increase the sound before jumping to buy a new gaming keyboard for louder sounds. You can follow the instructions and get the desired loudness. Let’s dig into the methods and see how it is done.

1) How to Make your Keyboard Louder on Windows 10

Like mobile devices, Windows has a setting that lets you hear the sound when a key registers a keypress. Windows provides Filter Keys options where you can tweak the sound when a key taps. Here are the instructions to enable this feature. 

  • Open the start menu and type Settings.
  • Choose the first option and then find Ease of Access.
  • Inside the interaction tab, select the Keyboard tab.
  • Here find the Filter Keys option and ensure that Audio Feedback is turned On.

That’s it; You have activated sounds on keystrokes. Do note that it is only available for Windows users. If you are on other operating systems, you are out of luck. This method is not accurate as buying a mechanical keyboard or using hardware alteration to change the key loudness, but it still works well.

2) How to Make your Keyboard Louder on Chromebook

Whether you like the vintage clack of the typewriter or the sound of a mechanical keyboard keypress, using the software can let you achieve the deed. The software can let you customize the sound of a keypress into audible feedback.

There is some program designed to customize and play sound as you want. It allows you to configure the sounds and get audible feedback on keypress. I recommend using Quertick as it allows for customization by taking only a few kilobytes in size. Although the options can vary from one device to other, all options written here are valid for the most durable keyboards.

If you want to use any software for programming the keystrokes and their sound, be careful in selection. Any third-party program can prove dangerous regarding privacy concerns if you download it from an anonymous source. It is always better to prefer the software from a trusted developer.

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Which Key Switches are Loudest on Keyboard

Cherry MX Blue 

These key switches are among the loudest and most tactile in the Cherry MX family. It produces a distinct click when depressed beyond its tactile point. If you want to feel the tactile feedback and listen to the loudest sound of the keypress, Cherry MX Blue is the best choice.

Kailh Blue 

These switches are replicated of Cherry MX Blue as they have a similar design and feel to a keypress. They even have similar color schemes. Kailh Blue is compatible with the keycaps used for the Cherry MX stems. They have clicky behavior that replicates the loudness and feedback of the Cherry MX at budget. Despite being affordable, these switches are durable and rated for 50 million keystrokes.

The Loudest Keyboards

1) Razer Ornata Keyboard

If you want to experience the loudest keyboard experience, the Razer Ornata keyboard is a pleasant choice. Thanks to the excellent quality mechanical technology, the keyboard offers more. It responds to each keypress and provides you the feedback that lets the keys bound again until you finish typing.

So, you get the double typing speed while listening to the audible feedback. The hybrid mechanical membrane technology does improve the overall tactile feedback for the users. The experimentation resulted in one of the loudest keyboards available today.

2) Cooler Master Keys Pro

Cooler Master Keys Pro is a perfect name to mention if you are into Cherry MX full-size keyboards. It has a loud and clicky sound due to Cherry MX Blue switches. The feel and keypress let you achieve the satisfaction you crave for a keyboard. Furthermore, the anti-ghosting prevents any mistype due to fast keypress and makes the overall experience smooth.

3) Typewriter keyboards

These keyboards are one of the closest keyboards to the typewriters due to their loud sound and similar feedback. It is a versatile choice when it comes to aesthetics and good typing. The Cherry MX blue on these keyboards is high-tech, and you can get the nostalgic feel of the typewriters.

5) IBM Buckling Spring Keyboard

IBM is not a new name to the keyboard and computer industry. The IBM model M is one of the loudest keyboard offerings from the company. It is a bucking spring keyboard that mimics the sound of typewriter keystrokes. However, the availability of these keyboards in original form is not possible these days.

The feedback of the keyboard is quite strong, and you won’t find any other keyboards performing on such high sound. The loudness can result in disturbing your office or roommates. You may want to reconsider the buying options if you live in a shared space.


The loudest keyboards in the world are mechanical keyboards, and when you go out to get one, they are usually the most standard types of models with Cherry MX blue switches. They also vary in style and type of model to suit various office and home standards.

You have now learned how to make your keyboard louder using the conventional method. If you want to buy a new keyboard with the loudest feedback, the options above are worth buying. Whether you are a gamer or a computer nerd, you will appreciate the feedback and loudness of these keyboards.


By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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