7 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards

best one handed gaming keyboards

best one handed gaming keyboards

We love video games. And we know you do too, which is why we’ve carefully selected the best one-handed keyboards we could find. With us, you can make your games even better without slowing down.

7 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards Reviews

To help you make the right choice, here is the information you need. The keyboards below were selected based on their features, unbeatable prices, and positive reviews.

1. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches -...
  • High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft-cushioned, membrane, rubber dome...
  • 32 Mecha-Membrane Keys for More Hotkeys and Actions: Perfect for gaming or integrating into creative workflows with fully programmable keys
  • Thumbpad for Improved Movement Controls: The 8-way directional thumbpad allows for more natural controls for console-oriented players and a more ergonomic...
Many gamers consider this option as the best one-handed keyboard for gaming under $30. We must note each of its features that provide a much more complete and fluid gaming experience to understand this. There has been an excellent balance between the functionality and durability of the structure and other exemplary aspects.

Excellent Performance:

People will be able to count on high-performance mechanical membrane switches. As a result, a very smooth tactile experience can be obtained, combined with soft padding and a rubber membrane dome. All this undoubtedly facilitates and enhances the experience when playing all kinds of today’s popular games.

On the other hand, you can get a highly accurate and fast performance level thanks to the 32 mechanical membrane keys. Each of these keys is programmable and provides excellent versatility and programming freedom to each user. This way, beginner players of different games will have the possibility to become experts or simply enjoy a great gaming session.

Highly Adaptable Keyboard:

This keyboard is one of the most adaptable to each gamer’s needs due to its enhanced set of motion controls. In addition, the 8-way directional thumb pad provides greater fluidity that is perfectly geared for today’s games. 

In addition, a truly ergonomic and highly suitable experience can be enjoyed. In this way, the player will have the possibility to reassign each of the keys and develop complex commands. Furthermore, this allows the player to adapt to all kinds of games of different genres.

Quality of the Structure:

Each of these keys has excellent backlighting that is customizable. Anyway, it is essential to mention that the durability allows accompanying many gaming sessions for each player.

In this case, high-strength materials have been used to offer millions of keystrokes in durability. All this will allow you to avoid rapid deterioration and enjoy great gaming sessions. These features indicate that this is a tremendous one-handed keyboard for the disabled.

  • 32 programmable keys
  • Wrist rest included
  • Ergonomic and efficient design
  • Average synchronization with games

2. Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 42...
  • Slim and Tactical - The K585 keyboard gets rid of those extra keys and keeps the most useful ones in a slim & portable package. All of your keyboard action...
  • Upgraded Hot-Swap - The upgraded socket is now available on Redragon one-handed keyboard, with more ways to mod, and more fun. The iconic Redragon Blue...
  • Play to Win - With 7 programmable macro keys, binding multiple commands and activating them instantly is simple and quick. Assign single or multiple...
When it comes to getting a one-handed keyboard for amputees, this option may be looking for a small keyboard but it is the most suitable one for you. For this, we should pay attention to the features that have been incorporated. This is a perfect option primarily for a gamer’s left hand. This could adequately complement any other PC peripherals.

Excellent Performance:

At first, here, we can notice that this is a keyboard that has eliminated many of the extra keys. According to the manufacturer, only the gamer’s keys to enjoying a great gaming session have been incorporated here. This keyboard provides 42 keys of excellent performance. So this offers superior accuracy and speed in key presses.

Even the audible click of each key is highly satisfying, as is the tactile response. A set of action keys have also been incorporated, which provides a great advantage to any gamer in different genres of games. This means that this is a highly portable and compact keyboard while also being one of the most comprehensive.

Illumination and Programmable Keys:

Another highlight is that five RGB-type backlighting modes have been incorporated here. These lighting modes are available along with 16.8 million colors. This can be highly convenient for gaming sessions in dark rooms or halls. In addition, the keyboard will be able to feature a great personality by choosing one of the five lighting modes.

The gamer will also be able to count on seven programmable macro keys. The programming is elementary, allowing the player to enjoy a wide variety of smooth and straightforward actions. It is even a great way to save time and avoid the common key combinations in most games.

Structure and Layout:

The design of this keyboard is ergonomic and incorporates a detachable wrist rest. In addition, magnets are used for this section of the keyboard which is much more convenient to attach.

However, it is also essential to consider that a USB pass-through port and a wireless headphone adapter have been incorporated. In addition, the structure has been manufactured with high-quality materials that manage to provide a long lifespan.

  • USB pass-through port
  • Five RGB backlight modes
  • Removable wrist rest connected with magnets
  • Fewer programmable keys compared to other keyboards.

3. MoModer One Hand Gaming Keyboard

Those who want to enjoy a great gaming session can incorporate the best one-handed keyboard for Fortnite. Here it is a combination between a one-handed keyboard and a high-end mouse. Of course, every single feature of this combination is of high quality to provide the best experience in all kinds of popular games.

Excellent Functionality:

First of all, it is essential to consider that this keyboard for dota 2 because it can provide 35 sensitive keys. This means that pressing each of these keys provides a smooth and very comfortable experience. Moreover, the performance level is very fast, which will be easily noticed when checking the result on the screen. However, the sound of the keystrokes should also be considered.

It is a sound that is not loud, and it is not necessary to suffer a conflict either. This means that a large number of keys can be pressed at the same time. Even the letters on the individual keys do not fade after too long a use. 

For its part, the mouse incorporates a USB cable and LED lights. It is a mouse with a 1.5 m cable. At the same time, it includes a high-quality design with curves for a more pleasant and comfortable gaming experience for several hours.

Design and Quality:

This keyboard is designed for comfortable and straightforward functionality. It is an excellent choice for the gamer’s left hand, which the built-in mouse can also complement. Excellent quality and soft wrist rest have also been incorporated. The wrist rest has an ergonomic design that adapts to the expectations of every gamer. 

Here we must also highlight the RGB LED backlighting that provides a much more pleasant gaming experience. All this allows for a great gaming session and the ideal lighting for playing in dark rooms. For its part, the mouse also incorporates LED lighting to complement the keyboard.

Durability and Ease of Use:

Both peripherals have been manufactured with high-quality materials for a long lifespan. The mouse and keyboard design is plug-and-play, so no driver is required. Compatibility covers Windows 2000 and up, along with Android, Linux, and Apple, among other operating systems. So it can also be the best one-handed keyboard for Xbox.

  • Versatile with different operating systems
  • High-quality keyboard and mouse
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design

  • No programmable keys


ZJFKSDYX C91MAXPro Gaming Keyboard & Mouse with Headset for...
  • 1: 【New upgrade】: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, N-Switch, Windows 7/8/10 PC, no converter is required, C91PROMAX combination is...
  • 2: Support 3.5MM headset: professional gaming headsets are included in the package, which can be directly plugged into the headset jack on the keyboard to...
  • 3: Low latency: The keyboard uses the same C91MAX chip, lower latency, and 1:1 tracking accuracy. When using the mouse, adjust the mouse to the maximum...
When it comes to finding a one-handed keyboard for the Nintendo switch, this combination of peripherals is one of the great options. It is also possible to adapt these peripherals to other consoles such as PlayStation 4. Compatibility spans Windows 7, 8, and 10, so here we can enjoy plug-and-play connectivity.

High-level Efficiency:

The performance level of the keyboard is adequate, providing excellent speed and precision in every gaming session. In addition, compatibility with different versions of Windows or game consoles makes it possible to adapt this set of peripherals to many compatible games of today. 

The headset features a 3.5 mm input and excellent sound quality. High definition dialog and 48k speech can be enjoyed. All this can be complemented with a mouse that incorporates a curved design for comfort. 

For its part, the keyboard eliminates all unnecessary keys for a gaming session. So these are three peripherals that can enhance and complement any gamer’s experience.

Button Customization:

The buttons incorporated on the keyboard can be customizable for a more efficient and complete gaming session. This allows you to customize the buttons to include somewhat complex commands. Instructions have also been incorporated next to these peripherals so that the main functions of these keys can be reset.

As if that were not enough, a high-quality chip has been incorporated into the keyboard for high tracking accuracy and low latency. The manufacturer even recommends setting the maximum sensitivity for the mouse to balance the user’s PC experience.

Built-in Backlight:

Here again, RGB backlighting has been incorporated into both the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard includes a blue switch for a tremendous in-hand experience and low latency. The mouse also consists of this type of backlighting, supporting up to 6,000 DPI. All of this can be very suitable when it comes to enjoying a unique gaming session.

  • Three peripherals included
  • Customizable buttons
  • Backlit keyboard and mouse

  • Average level lifespan

5. RGB One-Handed

Cakce RGB One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,Colorful Backlit...
  • 【RGB Mechanical Keyboard】The keyboard is mechanical keyboard, all 35 keycap have RGB rainbow backlit function; Letters never fade; all 35 keys are...
  • 【Multiple RGB Backlit Modes】Fn+3: Brightness plus; Fn+4: Brightness reduce; Fn+5: RGB,Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,white 7 colors switch;...
  • 【Macro Recording & Deletion】G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6 macro recording and deletion.Macro Record: If no recorded content in G1, press FN+G1 to enter the...
Here we can count on a great option in a single-handed budget mechanical keyboard gaming. This is because a balanced cost-benefit ratio has been incorporated. Furthermore, the features of this single-handed keyboard are adapted to the gamer’s needs in different games. This way, it is possible to enjoy a great gaming session by incorporating this keyboard.

Optimal Functionality:

It is necessary to mention first of all that this keyboard provides 35 high-quality keys. Furthermore, the functionality of this keyboard adapts to what every user needs thanks to the fact that its operation is conflict-free. This means that you can press a large number of keys simultaneously and notice all the desired results on the screen.

At the same time, a set of G-keys has been incorporated. These keys are programmable and allow the player to enjoy complex commands. Even setting or deleting the programming of each of these keys is very simple and takes only a few seconds. 

Comfortable and Versatile Design:

An ergonomic design has been incorporated into this keyboard that adapts to the needs of each player. In such a way that it has included a wrist rest and the typical functions of movement are of many games in the keys “W, S, A, D..” Thus, we have thought of a functional and comfortable keyboard to use in games of many different genres.

Additionally, the backlighting provides different modes to suit the user. It is RGB-type backlighting that can be perfect for displaying the keys in dark rooms. For this purpose, many different colors have been incorporated, which can enhance the experience right from the start.


When incorporating this mechanical keyboard into a gamer’s gaming session, the following compatibility should be kept in mind. This keyboard can be used on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Linux.

It is also possible to combine this keyboard with different consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. With plug-and-play, the user will be able to start playing games without any problems.

  • Comfortable and ergonomic keyboard
  • Six programmable Macro G keys
  • Built-in wrist rest
  • Average tactile feel from keystrokes

6. Magegee One-Handed RGB Keyboard

MageGee One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 35 Keys...
302 Customer Reviews
MageGee One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 35 Keys...
  • 35 KEYS MECHANICAL KEYBOARD: The single-handed gaming keyboard can trigger quickly and sensitively, has great gaming performance. Double-shot injection...
  • MULTIPLE BACKLIT MODES GAMING KEYBOARD: Bright changeable LED backlit modes can be switched through the[FN+F5]combination key, easy to operate,...
  • FOUR PROGRAMMABLE KEYS: The F1/F2/F3/F4 key features macro recording function, allowing you to create custom hot-keys. First, press FN+F1, F1 key lights...
Another option that is highly famous for its excellent features is this option which could be the best one-handed keyboard for typing. Many people prefer this keyboard because of its superior speed compared to a one-handed wireless keyboard. So to understand that, we must analyze the best features of this peripheral.

35 High-quality Keys:

This keyboard provides 35 keys that combine a tremendous auditory and tactile experience. The click sound of each keystroke is delightful, as is the tactile sensation of each key. At the same time, each key has a backlight and noticeable lettering that does not fade after prolonged and intense use.

It is also a very lovely keyboard because the sound level is one of the lowest. So it can be a highly efficient keyboard for all kinds of activities besides gaming. In addition, this keyboard is conflict-free, so you can press several keys simultaneously and check the results on the screen.

Programmable Keys and Lighting Modes:

Each gamer will be able to count on different LED backlighting modes. This provides just the right amount of visibility for gaming sessions in dark rooms. It is also possible to increase or decrease the brightness at the convenience of each player. So it is a keyboard adaptable to every situation and every user.

In addition, four programmable keys have been incorporated that represent the macro recording function. In this way, it will be much easier to create quick access to the parts needed by each player. Furthermore, the programming of each of these keys is very easy for any user.

Excellent Compatibility and Ease of Use:

This is a keyboard that is very easy to use due to its simple and comfortable design. The wrist rest is combined with a USB cable so that you can play comfortably in different locations. Connectivity is plug and play, and compatibility incorporates Windows 2000 onwards up to Windows 8. Compatibility also covers Mac, Linux, and Android.

  • Broad and versatile compatibility
  • Compact design and comfortable to use
  • Four high-performance programmable keys
  • Average performance level

7. RedThunder RGB Gaming Keyboard

RedThunder One-Handed RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Blue...
  • 【Great Value RGB Game Set】The keyboard and mouse both use the latest RGB lighting solution. You can switch dozens of lighting effects without...
  • 【Mechanical Keyboard】RedThunder k50 structured with new type blue switch, this blue switch is reinforced at the joint, which makes the key more stable...
  • 【Macro Recording Keys】The G1 - G6 keys have the macro recording function, you could record the contents and create complex macros to take full command...
To find one of the best one-handed keyboards, it is also beneficial to check the combination between a keyboard and a high-performance mouse. In this case, these are two peripherals that can be perfectly adapted to a wide variety of games of different genres. 

Efficient Functionality:

The user will notice that this is a keyboard that provides 35 keys. The audible click sound is pleasant, while the tactile feel is within an excellent level. At the same time, the performance level is at an outstanding average of accuracy and speed.

A mouse that supports 500 to 6400 DPI has also been incorporated. This peripheral provides the player with 11 different DPI levels for a much more comfortable adjustment. Not only is it possible to adjust the speed, but you can also choose from four adjustable polling rates.

Programmable Keys:

Both the keyboard and mouse incorporate different programmable keys. The mouse includes seven buttons that can be combined with the Red Thunder gaming software. In addition, the keyboard offers six macro keys. This provides excellent fluidity in every game by programming these keys for commands that are too complex to obtain in a conventional mode.

Durability and Ease of Use:

Each of these peripherals has been manufactured with excellent quality materials. This is why the lifespan of the mouse and keyboard are at an exceptional level. Connectivity is plug-and-play, and compatibility includes Windows Millennium and above. Compatibility also covers IBM and Linux.

  • High-performance keyboard and mouse
  • A large number of programmable buttons
  • Built-in backlight modes
  • Not compatible with Android

Things to Consider Before Buying a One-handed Keyboards

Considering three main aspects before purchasing one of the above options provides a better decision. These three aspects are critical when it comes to enjoying a great gaming session.


Functionality is primarily related to the level of accuracy and speed that a keyboard could offer. A high level of functionality means higher accuracy, which can be perfect for most games. In turn, ease of use must consider plug-and-play connectivity, along with a design that is ergonomic and adaptable to the user.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is another key feature to consider when it comes to long hours of gaming. Ergonomic design can be complemented with a wrist rest when included. This combination of factors provides excellent comfort to the player. This, in turn, avoids different problems or pains in the hands.


The number of keys incorporated in a single-handed keyboard is usually between 32 and 35. To this, we must also add the number of programmable keys that a keyboard should include.

The more programmable keys, the more adaptable the keyboard will be to games of different genres. In addition, programmable keys allow you to create efficient combinations of complex commands.

How to Pick a one-handed keyboard?

In addition to the above features, we can take into consideration other additional aspects. For example, this will allow us to choose the best one-handed keyboard.

Compatibility: Compatibility relates to the operating systems with which a particular keyboard can be used. It will be sufficient to include the operating systems used by each player.

RGB Backlighting Modes: RGB backlighting is necessary for efficient gaming in dark rooms. This makes it easier to see the keys. The different backlighting modes also allow you to customize a keyboard properly.

Durability: The durability of a keyboard is determined explicitly by the materials implemented in its manufacture. This is, of course, important for a long lifespan.

Included Accessories: In addition to a wrist rest, a single-handed keyboard usually incorporates other accessories. Some of the most common accessories included are a mouse and even a headset with a microphone. Having one of these combos can allow for a complete gaming experience.

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Once gamers consider the best one-handed keyboards, every gaming session will be much more efficient. This can not only be highly satisfactory for a great gaming session. It can also be an excellent choice for gamers who wish to transform into professionals. It is even a keyboard that can adapt to different genres of games.

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