7 Best Smallest Mechanical Keyboards

smallest mechanical keyboard

Many people who want more convenience in their jobs have heard of the miniature smallest mechanical keyboard. If you are interested in getting this highly efficient piece of technology, we recommend you read on.

One of the typical problems when enjoying a PC game or working in an office or home office is the physical desk space. For this, many users decide to incorporate an efficient solution with the best low-cost mechanical keyboard. This is a keyboard that incorporates the necessary number of keys to save space.

Best Smallest Mechanical Keyboards

Image Product Unique Features Price
Vortexgear Cypher 65% Vortexgear Cypher 65%
  • Switch type: Cherry MX Clear
  • Keycaps: Gray Laser Etched PBT
  • Size: 60%
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Gamenote 60% Gamenote 60%
  • 17 backlight modes
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • 60% compact keyboard
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Havit Gaming Keyboard Havit Gaming Keyboard
  • 89 high-efficiency keys
  • Wide variety of illumination modes
  • Efficient functionality with long service life
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Cooler Master SK622 Cooler Master SK622
  • Low Profile Switches
  • Portable 60% Layout
  • Hybrid Wireless
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Qisan Gaming Keyboard Qisan Gaming Keyboard
  • The Mini design (60%)
  • Mini and portable design,unique 68 keys layout
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Razer Huntsman Keyboard Razer Huntsman Keyboard
  • Fully programmable macros
  • High-strength and durable construction
  • High-speed functionality
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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • High quality and resistant keys
  • Excellent compatibility with different devices
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1. Vortexgear Cypher 65% Keyboard

Vortexgear Cypher 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Hushed operation
  • Excellent compatibility
  • USB Type-C connectivity technology


  • Lifetime is at an intermediate level.

Many people have considered this option as the most miniature 60% keyboard mechanical. This compact keyboard incorporates a thick keyboard and laser engraving of each key to prevent letters, numbers, or symbols from disappearing over time. One of the novel points of this keyboard is that it provides dedicated arrows.

In addition, the space bar provides enough space to be used without any problems. This keyboard is programmable in many of its keys. So the user can program up to 100 keys or characters for much more customized functionality.

This particular keyboard has been built with different layouts in mind. The multiple pre-programmable layers include Qwerty, Colemak, and Dvorak. This way, every user will have the ability to perform all kinds of office activities or many others. 

The functionality of this keyboard also takes into account an absence of audible click. This means that this is a keyboard that does not disturb the surrounding people. It is also important to mention that this is a keyboard with a detachable USB type c cable. The compatibility of this device includes Windows XP, 7, Vista, 10, and Mac operating systems.

2. Gamenote 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Gamenote 60% Mechanical Keyboard
9.3/10 Our Score


  • 17 backlight modes
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Connectivity with detachable USB type C cable


  • Limited multimedia keys

Many people who enjoy PC gaming have considered this option to be the best mechanical keyboard gaming. It is a 60% compact keyboard that can provide 71 keys of the ideal size. People will notice more free space throughout their desk and more freedom to move the mouse.

This keyboard can offer portable and efficient functionality thanks to its detachable USB type c cable. A metal panel has also been incorporated, along with a basic floating design. The keys of this peripheral provide a high level of sensitivity and fast response. So it is straightforward to move this keyboard to any workplace or gaming area.

The individual switches on the 71 keys provide an anti-ghosting operation along with excellent stable performance. So, this means a great service life along with a high level of durability. It is possible to get 17 types of rainbow backlighting to enjoy a unique design to perform all kinds of activities.

It is also possible to consider that this light can be handy to work in dimly lit rooms. Different keys have also been incorporated with unique functionalities to set browser, calculator, email, and other multimedia keys for daily use or games.

It should also be noted that compatibility is complemented by plug-and-play functionality. Compatibility includes Windows 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, and Mac operating systems. So users will be able to get a great experience by incorporating this peripheral.

3. Havit Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting

Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Lighting
9.2/10 Our Score


  • 89 high-efficiency keys
  • Wide variety of illumination modes
  • Efficient functionality with long service life


  • Multimedia keys not available for Mac OS

When it comes to enhancing a PC experience, this small mechanical keyboard with Numpad can be a great choice. Each of the keys on this keyboard is made of a unique material that reduces wear and tear and offers more excellent durability and strength. At the same time, this keyboard provides an excellent tactile feel.

It is also possible to notice the different styles or backlighting effects for a more positive visual impact. Even this aspect allows users to view the keys more efficiently in dimly lit rooms. It is possible to choose 11 types of ambient light modes and 14 backlight styles.

In addition, the speed of light changes, and brightness is also adjustable and customizable. Each user can record five backlight modes for further customization. This keyboard incorporates 89 keys and 12 multimedia shortcuts. A numeric keypad has also been incorporated in a compact design to save space on a desktop.

The blue switches provide crisp sound and fast responsiveness. It is also essential to consider that the individual switches include an anti-ghosting aspect. This provides the user with convenient functionality that adapts to all types of PC activities.

In addition to the user-friendly and portable design, we can also note driver-free functionality. Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and Mac OS operating systems can enjoy this keyboard. However, the multimedia combination keys are not available for Mac OS devices.

4. Cooler Master SK622 Wireless 60%

Cooler Master SK622 Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard
9/10 Our Score


  • Excellent flexibility in operation
  • USB connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design


  • Mid-level durability

All those looking for a small mechanical keyboard for iPad can consider this mechanical keyboard one of the best. In principle, it is a keyboard that provides a high level of precision combined with an excellent level of durability. This means that the keyboard with a reduced travel distance provides fast operation.

The 60% portable layout means an efficient design that is compact and saves a lot of space on the user’s desk. This makes it a very efficient keyboard to use in conjunction with a laptop or mobile device. Every user will be able to use this keyboard anywhere and get great benefits.

Wireless connectivity has also been incorporated here, compatible with up to 3 devices, and includes Bluetooth 4.0. USB Type-C connectivity is also available to provide efficient and fast operation at all times. So the user will have the ability to choose the most comfortable way to use their keyboard.

The ergonomic keys provide a much more comfortable experience, as do the adjustable feet. All this allows the user to use the keyboard according to his preferences. 

Additionally, the compatibility of this keyboard can be taken into consideration. The compatibility includes the Windows 8 operating system onwards, Mac OS, or different operating systems for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. You need to press one key to change the operation of this keyboard with different devices.

5. Qisan Gaming Wired Keyboard

Qisan Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Wired Keyboard
8.9/10 Our Score


  • Convenient AND efficient keys
  • Three DIP switches included
  • Excellent durability and lifespan


  • Intermediate level display

Getting a tiny mechanical keyboard can offer a great experience to different users when it comes to getting a tiny mechanical keyboard. It is a keyboard with a 60% mini design that incorporates 68 keys. Initially, four directional keys are incorporated as well as four navigation keys.

The integrated function keys are complemented by a row of numeric keys and page up and page down keys. In this way, the user can have different options such as the three switches to disable the Windows key, use the caps lock with the left ctrl key, or switch the Windows key with other functions.

Additionally, the keys avoid ghosting thanks to these highly efficient mechanical switches. This means that the unique 68-key layout will suit users who want to enjoy games or different activities. The floating keyboard design offers sound reduction as each key is pressed.

The backlighting also offers a much better use of this keyboard in low-light conditions. Two folding legs and four rubber pads are also incorporated. All this ensures a comfortable position to use the keyboard in the most convenient way for the user.

It also has built-in connectivity with a detachable USB cable and various multimedia controls. Many users have considered that this keyboard can be an excellent complement for different home office tasks or simply get a keyboard for everyday use.

6. Razer Huntsman Edition TKL Tenkeyless Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Edition TKL Tenkeyless Keyboard
8.8/10 Our Score


  • Fully programmable macros
  • High-strength and durable construction
  • High-speed functionality


  • Mid-level design

Many people who want to find the most miniature keyboard in the world purchase it because of its wide variety of features and positive aspects. In general, it is a keyboard with mechanical switches that are much faster compared to other keyboards. In this regard, the keystrokes work with lightning speed.

The 16.8 million colors of the individually backlit keys have also been considered necessary. This means that this is a keyboard that manages to synchronize efficiently with different popular games. So this allows every user to get a unique and highly recommended experience.

The structural integrity of this keyboard has been formed with high-strength aluminum. The matte aluminum upper frame is complemented by high-strength plastic to provide a much more efficient lifespan. This means a much longer usage time compared to other options that are available today.

Thanks to its detachable USB Type-C cable connectivity, this keyboard is ready to use in just a few seconds. Gamers who need to transport their keyboards to different gaming locations will count on this highly efficient keyboard. The keys are also oil-resistant and feature enhanced durability.

The macros are fully programmable and allow you to reassign different functions to each of the keys. This may be one of the best aspects of this keyboard as it allows gamers to set complex commands and become true professionals.

7. Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard
8.7/10 Our Score


  • High quality and resistant keys
  • Excellent compatibility with different devices
  • Wireless and USB cable connectivity


  • No built-in backlight

Finally, according to some of its functions, we can consider this keyboard a minor mechanical keyboard. In principle, this manufacturer’s classic design manages to incorporate an incredible innovation for users. Connectivity takes into consideration the detachable USB Type-C cable and the wireless style that works with Bluetooth.

It is also possible to use on tablets or smartphones, as well as laptops and desktop computers. It is a 60% mini design keyboard that provides 68 keys with excellent quality due to its materials. It has also incorporated everything necessary to avoid phantom response and not impair the speed of operation.

Every gamer will notice the two folding legs and four rubber pads for excellent stability. This is a keyboard for gamers, but it is an excellent choice for office workers or home office people. 

In all these cases, the programmable keys will allow users to have all kinds of shortcuts to suit their specific activities. Bluetooth 4.0 can support up to 4 different devices and is very easy to use on most occasions.

It should also be considered that compatibility includes different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. All these features complement a very pleasing to the eye design for all those who want to optimize their productivity when using this keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most miniature-sized keyboard?

Qisan Gaming Keyboard is one of the most miniature keyboards that can offer excellent efficiency.

What are the sizes of mechanical keyboards?

Full-size keyboards offer 104 keys, but there are also keyboards without a number pad, keyboards with 87 keys, or keyboards with 68 keys and 60% layout.

What is smaller than a 60% keyboard?

The smaller than 60% keyboard is the 40% keyboard which is not very common in general.

What are the smallest keyboards called?

Small keyboards are often referred to as TKL or Tenkeyless.

Final Words for Smallest Mechanical Keyboards

Once every user finds the most miniature mechanical keyboard, work or in different games can increase considerably. However, it is not only essential to have a keyboard that is small enough for any desktop. It is also essential to consider other features, such as the comfort and efficiency of each keyboard.

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