Can Keyboards Get Viruses?

can keyboards get viruses

Can keyboards get viruses? It is the most common question that a keyboard user asks when the keyboard performance drops or the keyboard stops working. Well, the straightforward answer to the question is no, the keyboard does not get any kind of virus because they don’t have a Rom or any kind of memory.

As you know the computer gets viruses because the computer has a memory where the viruses can be stored in any case when you connect something to your computer has a virus of any form like malware is the most common virus.

Generally, the keyboard is considered a safety device because it is a hardware device and is connected through wired or wireless. However, there are many viruses that can affect your keyboard because your keyboard is connected to the computer and it takes command from the keyboard.  

Can Keyboards Get Viruses?

There are ways where a virus can affect the functionality of the keyboard, it can slow down the working of the keyboard. As you all know that a hardware device needs a computer driver to perform the assigned task and also the keyboard needs a driver to start working. The virus can damage the keyboard drivers and it automatically slows down the working of the keyboard.

How do you fix a virus on your keyboard?

When you start feeling that your keyboard gets the virus, the first thing to do is disconnect the keyboard from the computer, after that uninstall the keyboard driver from the computer system. 

When the installation process completes, download the updated driver from the Microsoft website. 

Keep in mind one thing when downloading the driver, try to download them from the official store because the official driver has no virus and it will also protect your system from the virus in the near future. Install the driver to your computer when the download completes. Restart the computer and connect your keyboard.

How do you fix a virus on a wireless keyboard?

If you are facing a virus with the wireless keyboard, then don’t worry, simply disconnect your keyboard and take the batteries off from the keyboard just for 30 Seconds and put them back. This action will reset your keyboard and start working properly. You also can use the reset button, it will reset the whole keyboard and start working fine.

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How do I know if my keyboard has a virus?

There are simple steps that can help you to know the virus which your keyboard has. Go to the settings and check the updates are security options, it will show you the scan now, click the scan now options to detect the virus.

Final Words:

In common, the keyboard can’t get the virus from any source, but in some cases, it is possible that the keyboard gets the virus. We also explain the steps to protect your keyboard if it gets a virus.

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