How To Change RGB On Ibuypower Keyboard?

how to change rgb on ibuypower keyboard

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to change RGB on the Ibuypower keyboard in a short period. Before increasing the topic of the conversation, you need to know the worth of RGB on the Ibuypower keyboard, mouse, and PC to perform the changes of colors in different variations. If you are looking for your own creation with colors, RGB is the iconic software, and it’s a pleasure if you have it already.


RGB is the abbreviation of RED, GREEN, and BLUE colors because these are primary colors to form any secondary color. You can make any color choice by using RGB software on your PC. However, the changes in RGB on Ibuypower have various methods we will describe below, and will hope you can pick them up perfectly. 

How To Change RGB On Ibuypower Keyboard?

Having RGB in the system makes it easy to play with colors on the Ibuypower keyboard

You must be sure that before changing the keyboard color RGB is downloaded and installed on your computer. By using a lighting program on RGB, you can easily customize its colors and effects. We will show you the procedure in steps to save your time. Follow some actions to let the changes.

Specify The RGB System

The Knowledge of RGB Fusion software can help you on the upper level in the settings of rainbow effects. Coordinates and constituents of every software of RGB have different ways to control the system. Therefore, you need to know which software you are using on the Ibuypower keyboard. Some peripherals of software can control by a remote controller, but you need only Fusion software, which is customizable by settings.

Download Needed Drivers

After detecting the RGB software, it’s time to download their respective drivers and programs. You cannot change all the effects of RGB in the same lighting system. So, to get priority and complete control of the system, its respective programs and drivers help us to change RGB light colors

Change The RGB

Now you can change the colors of RGB according to your desires. It thoroughly depends on your gaming style and which color you want. Now you can change the RGB by following the keys functions.

  • Press Fn+PSs to get the lights on
  • Press Fn+SL to get a cycle through bodes
  • Press Fn+Ins to change the color
  • Press Fn+PU to get high brightness
  • Press Fn+PD to get low brightness

How Do I Turn On The LED Lights On My Ibuypower Keyboard?

The general way of turning lights off on the Ibuypower keyboard is to unplug or disconnect its USB cable from the computer or switched off the top button given on the corner of the computer. But If you want to turn it on again, so there is a different way. Sometimes, it seems easy because you can turn it on and off by pressing just one or two specific keys.

You can press the function key and print screen key jointly and hold for a while until the LED lights turn on. If it does not work, press the function key, print screen key, and Alt key together and hold. The lights will turn on after a while.


The Ibuypower keyboards are parts of mechanical industries and come with lighting features. The RGB is the controller of colors for multiple mechanical and gaming devices. It can be controlled by a remote and the Microsoft setting of file explorer. If you don’t know how to change RGB on Ibuypower keyboard, use Fn, PSs, SL, INS, PU, and PD keys as explained above. Before changing the light color, make sure you have valid software, programs, and drivers.

By Brandon S. Lee

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