Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Gaming Mouse Pad ( All You Need To Know )

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If you’re a big and heavy gamer, you know that the playing surface is an integral part of the game’s setting.

The distinction of the mouse pad can initiate between spinning that corner faster and getting that image with a better gaming experience. At the same time, mouse pads have still the same as compared to the past few years. RGB lighting is becoming more common latterly. We have mouse pads noticed in them. The Corsair Polaris MM80 RGB is a giant mouse pad with RGB lighting. It comes with an extra USB port for mouse connectivity. Corsair allows the user to can customize the light fully by using the Corsair CUE program. Let’s move on and see what the mouse pad.

Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad - 15 RGB LED Zones - USB Pass...
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Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad - 15 RGB LED Zones - USB Pass...
  • 15 zone RGB LED customizable lighting
  • True PWM lighting technology displays the most accurate color reproduction
  • Built in USB pass through port for your mouse


In a retail package of Polaris Corsair MM800. It comes with RGB in the same size as the mouse pad. In the foreground picture, you have a unit at work with a list of several key characteristics and features.

Looking back, we provide an overview of the mouse pad with many different detailed features. If you’re in the store to make a purchase of Polaris MM800 RGB, you’ll know more than enough about that.

We have Polaris MM800 RGB Mouse Pad, User Manual, and Warranty Guide to put it out of the box.


Looking at the mouse pad itself, it has a typical square shape, with a USB port and connectivity located at the top center. The mouse pad provides you with 350mm x 260mm space, is large enough, and should be more significant than enough for most people.

Fabric copy too. The low friction surface and delicate texture ensure fast and accurate pixel tracking and calibration for optical mice and laser sensors. There is no large logo on the mouse pad, just a small logo in the lower right corner. It will also turn on RGB lighting.

The mouse pad has three different layers. The top is the hard surface. In the middle, you have an RGB lighting set, and in the end, you have a rubber base. The mouse pad has 15 different RGB LED regions, each usable via a Corsair CUE program. So, you can get rainbow wave effects and much more.

As I mentioned, the bottom of the rubber mouse pad. It ensures that there will be no slipping on your desktop, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

As I suggested at the top of the mouse pad, you get the USB cable connected and a USB port for scrolling. This USB port points away from the mouse pad, making it more potent than you focus. The USB cable is braided connected and has a standard Corsair end connector that protects the cord. We have more suggestion for you on the Next Page:

Usage & Installation Setup

The configuration of the Polaris MM800 is straightforward to access. Just place it on your desktop where you need it, plug it in, and it’s a good thing for you to go. By default, the mouse pad will show the rainbow wave effect. It is my favorite effect.

If you want to customize the Polaris MMGB RGB lighting, you will need to download CUE from Corsair. In CUE, you will see Polaris MM800 RGB in your device list. From here, you can select different lighting effects for the RGB LED lights.

You can choose Lighting Link, which will link the RGB effects to all connected Corsair RGB devices. It has the cooling effect, especially if you have a Corsair mouse sitting on the Polaris MM800 RGB.

For use, I was using a Polaris MM800 RGB last month with a Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse. As soon as I calibrated the mouse on the mouse pad using the CUE software, it started working correctly. I used to play FPS games, the surface of the mouse was too big for my needs, with the mouse gliding effortlessly across the surface.

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