How To Change Alienware Keyboard Color?

how to change alienware keyboard color

Customizing keyboard colors is the second hobby of gamers. Alienware keyboard is established in a mechanical form which is why most gamers love to use Alienware. Every mechanical keyboard does not contain a straightforward process to personalize the lighting. In the case of Alienware, we have the breakdown for you to learn how to change Alienware keyboard color.

With the help of the Alienware command center, you can get access to change the Alienware keyboard colors. You can contact Alienware supporter to get the information about the command center so that it becomes easier for you. 

How To Change Alienware Keyboard Color?

The change in Alienware keyboard color is possible in two ways. But both ways require a strong bond of software with keyboards. You can connect your keyboard to the Alienware command center, Razer synapse, and Logitech G HUB programs for this pursuit. This process is worthwhile and takes seconds to perform the movement of colors.

First, you need to check the software specifications and require drivers to hold a strong clutch on the system. Install the additional drivers to unlock accessory components for changing the intensity of colors. You can take some steps to convert these functions into fact.

With Alienware Comand Center:

  • Download the command center
  • If you have done it already, install it
  • Open this software¬†
  • Search Alienware keyboard setting
  • Go to the FX section
  • Click on the Light setting
  • Select the color you want to change
  • Save the settings and enjoy your game

Without Alienware Comand Center:

  • Download a third-party program(Razer Synapse, and Logitech G HUB)
  • Install it after downloading
  • Open the dashboard of the software
  • Grant access to Alienware keyboard
  • Select the keyboard settings
  • Go to the FX section
  • Click on the Lighting option
  • Choose one color you want to apply on the keyboard
  • Save the setting

It might be challenging to customize the colors of the Alienware keyboard without a command center. Therefore, most gamers prefer to use this software. Otherwise, you can use a third-party program.

How Do I Change The Backlights On My Alienware Keyboard?

The function key of the keyboard is known as the power key of the keyboard. You can do everything on your keyboard with the help of the function key. The same strategy has worth in Alienware keyboards. Using the function key with any other can show you exceptional results in its mechanical features. Changing the backlights of keys is a need of every gamer and Alienware user to generate separate impacts in videos, streams, and vlogs. Change the backlight by following the attributes.

  1. Press Fn+F1 to turn on/off the backlight
  2. Press Fn+F5 to change the backlight
  3. Press Fn+F6 to decrease the brightness of the backlight
  4. Press Fn+F7 to increase the brightness of the backlight
  5. Press Fn+F2 to change the effect of the backlight


Alienware keyboards want specific software to get changes and control the lighting system. If you have an Alienware keyboard, download its command center now because it’s worth more than RGB fusion. You indeed do not need to download any other program as RGB fusion. You can take any action from its FX section. After that, you can find the solution on how to change Alienware keyboard color with help of software.

By Brandon S. Lee

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