How To Clear Keyboard History? Complete Guide

how to clear keyboard history

Nowadays, every keyboard enthusiast wants to know how to clear keyboard history. Keyboards of the latest benchmarks are too clever and have the command to acquire your typing habits and style. You can say tardily keyboards work with your experience. After a time, they start to predict your text in your tone and commence the auto-correct in text. The reason behind this all happening is keyboard history. Your keyboard history works to suggest upcoming words and correct spelling mistakes in lengthy words. 

This ability of keywords works in two manners. Some users endure profit from this feature, and some suffer from critical issues. We have solutions for both types of people. Those who are weak in typing can increase their speed by autocorrection, and those who are experienced but have trouble with keyboard history can clear their keyboard history. This guide will allow you to remove the keyboard history of your computer, android, Samsung, iPhone, and their relevant devices after reading.

Importance of clearing keyboard history

Clearing your keyboard history is an important step in maintaining the privacy of your personal and sensitive information. Every time you type something on your keyboard, it gets stored in the device’s memory, and if left unchecked, this information can accumulate over time and potentially be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Keyboard history refers to a record of everything you have typed on your keyboard, including passwords, credit card numbers, private messages, and more. This information is stored in the cache memory of your device and can be retrieved by anyone with access to your device.

In this article, we will discuss the process of clearing keyboard history on different types of devices, including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. We will also provide alternative methods for clearing keyboard history on each device. The goal of this article is to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to clear your keyboard history and protect your personal information.

How To Clear Keyboard History?

Every new day comes with new topics and content, which changes your style and routines of writing. You do not need to worry because the clearing of history option is still there, and you can use this power at any time on any device.

First, If you are encountering issues on your window computer, you can solve them by applying some instructions to get rid of history. Here are some steps you can follow to clear the history of the keyboard from the window.

  1. Navigate the window icon indicator and click on START MENU
  2. Then tap on the SETTING option in the windows
  3. The shortcut enthusiast can open this setting from the app by pressing WINDOW + ME.
  4. Click on the SYSTEM SETTING top tag.
  5. Scroll down for searching, and click on the KEYBOARD tab given on the right side of the panel.
  6.  Navigate the CLEAR KEYBOARD DATA option
  7. Keep ready to clear keyboard history, and click on the CLEAR option
  8. Press WINDOW + V to open the text bar
  9. Type two or more lines of text in the text bar to verify the clearness
  10. You have done now. You can type any word without barriers of autocorrection

How To Delete Keyboard History On Android?

Gboard and Microsoft Swiftkey are the most used keyboards on android devices as third-party. These varieties of keyboards have on and off buttons to allow saving words from your text and predict upcoming words. Unfortunately, users don’t know the methodology of switching off this option and start using keyboards without a setup. They start saving your habit words in history by default. Gboard and Microsoft Swiftkey keyboards have particular methods of clearing their history.


  • Open your Android device SETTING app
  • Search the LANGUAGE & INPUT option by scrolling down and tap
  • This option is placed on different apps on different devices, so select the general setting or system setting before searching.
  • Tap on the MANAGE KEYBOARDS option
  • Select the SETTING option
  • Go to the ADVANCED SETTING option
  • Select the DELETE WORDS AND DATA section by scrolling down
  • Tap on OK to clear the history

Microsoft Swiftkey

  • Scroll down and tap on TYPING option
  • Go to the CLEAR TYPING DATA option
  • Tap on CONTINUE to confirm
  • Tap on OK to clear the history

How To Clear Keyboard History Samsung?

Samsung mobile phones are considered android devices but have different settings options from android devices. Samsung keyboards are also used in non-Samsung devices. Modern devices rely on Samsung keyboards, but you can change your keyboard by adding Gboard or other third-party keyboards. 

The technique of clearing the history of Samsung keyboards from Samsung and non-Samsung devices is similar. So, follow some given instructions to deal with unnecessary words.

  • Open the SETTING app on your device
  • Tap on the GENERAL MANAGEMENT setting option
  • Go to the LANGUAGE & INPUT setting option
  • Select your keyboard as SAMSUNG KEYBOARD
  • You can also get access the keyboard setting by tapping the short setting icon on the keyboard
  • Scroll down and Tap on the RESET TO DEFAULT SETTING option
  • Tap on ERASE to wind up the process

How To Clear Keyboard History Ps4?

Playstation 4 is a helping device for gamers to play at speed without glitches and errors. This device allows one to keyboard-suggest words. We can’t ignore the services of PlayStation 4 but this feature becomes a problem for some users.  Because they don’t want their text to get the wrong words from suggestions and auto-correction. For Those users disabling option is available on PlayStation 4, and you can also clear the history by following the steps.

  • Go to the SETTING of PlayStation 4
  • Select the SYSTEM SETTING option 
  • Click on the SYSTEM SOFTWARE option
  • Scroll down and navigate the RESET OPTIONS
  • Select the top title CLEAR LEARNING HISTORY option
  • Click on CLEAR to continue
  • You have done

How To Delete Keyboard History On iPhone?

As you know, Apple devices are different from android devices, and they have every feature in a unique form. The iPhone has multiple setting options for keyboards according to its models. The process that is applicable to every model of iPhone is similar for Gboard and Microsoft users. But in the term device keyboard, you need to switch off some autocorrection and predictive options from the setting. 

iPhone users that rely on Gboard and Microsoft can clear their keyboard history by following methods.


  • Open the GBOARD APP
  • Select the KEYBOARD SETTING option
  • Scroll down and search clear dictionary option
  • Tap OK to verification of clearing history

Microsoft Swiftkey

  • Select the ACCOUNT option indicated accounts icon
  • Go to the DATA SETTING option
  • Tap on REMOVE MY DATA FROM THIS DEVICE option given under my data bar
  • Tap on the CLEAR DATA option
  • Your Microsoft keyboard history is clean now

How To Clear Keyboard History iPhone 13?

There are two ways to clean iPhone 13 history. The first one is if you are a Gboard and Microsoft keyboard user, you can follow the previous methods explained in steps one by one. The second one is if you are using a device keyboard, you can clean its history from device setting apps by opening the short setting icon on the upper right corner of your keyboard or appear after clicking on the three-dot icon. 

You cannot specify this procedure for only iPhone 13 because the device settings app of Apple devices is comparable. However, you can follow some gripping steps for iPhone 13.

  • Open the SETTING app.
  • Select the GENERAL option
  • Scroll down and select the TRANSFER AND RESET IPHONE option
  • Tap on the RESET option 
  • Your iPhone will require six-digit passcode, which is your lock screen code.
  • Enter the PASSCODE
  • Tap on the RESET DICTIONARY option

How To Clear Keyboard History iOS 15?

As all Apple devices have a similar setting app, you can clear the history of every phone by resetting the keyboard dictionary. But cleaning the iOS keyboard history cannot stop its keyboard from saving words in the future. You need to switch off every option which allows your keyboard to learn your typing habits and style. You can stop the learning process of keyboards by turning off the text correction, predictive words, and next-word suggestions on iOS. Follow some extra tips to clog your keyboard learning movements. 

To Stop Predictive Text

  • Open the app SETTING of iOS.
  • Select the GENERAL option
  • Tap on KEYBOARDS
  • Search the PREDICTIVE option by scrolling downward
  • Turn it switch OFF
  • Now your iOS keyboard will stop showing predictive text.

To Stop Auto-Correction

  • Open the SETTING app on iOS.
  • Select the GENERAL SETTING option
  • Tap on the KEYBOARDS SETTING option
  • Search the AUTO CORRECTION option by scrolling down
  • Turn it switch OFF
  • Now your iOS keyboard will stop correcting spelling by default.

Does iPhone remember what you type?

The iPhone does not have a built-in feature that specifically remembers what you type. However, certain apps and services may track and store what you type if you use them. For example, if you use the built-in Notes app on your iPhone, the notes you create will be saved on the device and synced with iCloud if you have that feature enabled. Similarly, if you use a third-party keyboard app, it may track and store what you type to improve its autocomplete and predictive text features.

Additionally, if you use apps that require you to enter personal information, such as your email, address, phone number, etc, the app might save that information for you to use later, or for the app to work more efficiently.

It’s important to be aware of the privacy policies of the apps and services you use and to check the settings to see what data is being collected and how it’s being used.


The question was how to clear keyboard history. All the devices have multiple kinds of keyboards and different layouts of their settings. We have tried to explain every method which will be helpful for you. You can clear out the history of keyboards from any device by learning the given methods. 

We described the window keyboard settings and the process of clearing the history of words from the computer. Moreover,  we explained the methods for PlayStation 4, Android devices, Samsung devices, Apple phones, iOS, Gboard, and Microsoft swiftkey keyboards. We also explained the procedure of turning off the learning activities of keyboards to complete the whole setup.

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