How To Change Skytech Gaming Keyboard Color?

how to change skytech gaming keyboard color

Skytech is the brand of gaming, and gaming without fireworks of color is incomplete. If you want a complete gaming PC, come to Skytech. This brand has uncountable services for gamers as providing a deluxe setup in one package. Having the whole layout of Skytech makes it easier How To Change Skytech Gaming Keyboard Color? Before discussing that, we want to show you What keyboard Skytech PC has?

What keyboard is a Skytech PC?

The PC of Skytech comes with a Skytech RGB gaming keyboard which is the favourite of YouTubers, streamers, hackers, gamers, and creators. Its combination of mouse, monitor, and PC looks incredible to the user.

The feature of lighting has a confident and impressive grip for the users. After testing the Skytech RGB gaming keyboard, we found a suitable solution to your problems with the lighting effects. If you want to play with its color, keep reading on, as we have exceptional and comfortable instructions about it.

How To Change Skytech Gaming Keyboard Color?

The gaming keyboard is the second name of the lighting keyboard. Skytech gaming keyboard comes with multiple lighting colors. If you do not have a Skytech PC, You can adjust its colors by using keys. But if you have a PC, you can do it programmatically using RGB fusion.

You can modify its setting by default with the PC setting. Like, put seven colors or one color in the explore file as default, and save time, after that, the color will change.

This setting is not for only keyboard colors, even mice and pc colors are included. Put this setup on the PC to change the colors of all devices.

  • Go to File Explorer
  • Open Program File
  • Click on GIGABYTE
  • Go to RGB fusion
  • Scroll down and find the RGB fusion application
  • Go to the app and click on allow changes
  • Adjust the color you want to change
  • Save the setting

Now the next process is just for Skytech gaming keyboard users. Locate the function key on the keyboard fixed in the center of the control and window keys. Push this key and hold it to change the color. By holding it down, press the positive and negative symbol keys to jump up on other colors. 

The last action to take is to use hot keys or hard keys. If your keyboard does not allow you to change color following the above suggestions, press some extra keys with the function key. This process work for already saved default settings.

Press Number lock, Capitalization Lock, Scroll Lock, Insert, Delete, End, PB, and PS by holding the function key to change the different variations and effects of colors. Its superficial explanation is to press Fn and * to change the color of the lighting.

How Do I Change The Color On My Skytech Computer?

The color-changing computer comes with a color-changing PC. Skytech promotes computers with LED functions. Lighting on the front side of the computer looks irrelevant to the eyes and causes trouble for users. But lighting LEDs on the sidebars of the screen makes it worthwhile with a PC.

Connect the screen to the PC and change its color by clicking the button placed in the upper corner.  These buttons will help you to change the colors and their effects. Clicking on buttons until your favourite color pops up.

The second condition is if you want to adjust the on-screen colors, follow our first process in this guide. This time you need to install RGB fusion 2.0 for the customization of computer colors.

How Do I Change RGB Lights On My Skytech PC?

There should be two buttons placed on your PC corner to control its lights. One button is used to change the controller to build changes in motherboard controls. The other is used for blinking lights and controlling color appearance. You can change RGB lights on Skytech with a control indicator or custom RGB connectors.

You can also use a custom version of polychrome sync to sync all the components and lighting effects with A SROCK motherboard after downloading RGB fusion.

  • Open the motherboard icon
  • Tap on Mystick light software
  • Navigate the pin-header option
  • Adjust the colors which you want
  • Save the settings


Sometimes users can be turned on or off the lights of keyboards mistakenly. It happens when they tease the settings of RGB without guidance. The color of lights always wants to change at a time because gamers can not work on a PC with a single solid color.

According to these conditions, we explained a proper process for How To Change Skytech Gaming Keyboard Color? With the help of RGB fusion and functional keys. You can apply the suitable process from the given ones to the Skytech mouse, keyboard, monitor, and PC.

By Brandon S. Lee

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