Are Leopold Keyboards Hot Swappable?

Leopold is the most demanding brand for mechanical devices. Its Keyboards are premium and superb to use. In the era of advancement, no one is ready to desolder and potentially devastate a pricey keyboard in a cheap way. An example of Leopold, some models are expensive and beneficial while some are cheaper and less fruitful.

Before buying, make sure that are Leopold keyboards hot swappable or not because every user demands something auxiliary in his device. Suppose you have zero information about that, so read further to know.

Are Leopold Keyboards Hot Swappable?

Leopold’s keyboards are manufactured with straightforward design and exceptional build quality. Not all, but some models of Leopold have come with hot-swappable switches earlier. Plenty of boards from Leoplolds support cherry MX and are not hot-swappable. Your expenses have an impact on your choice because hot-swappable keyboards are cheap, but expensive keyboards are not hot-swappable.

In short, Leopold keyboards are not hot-swappable, and if you are looking for this feature, don’t rely on just Leopold because only the Leopold FC750R keyboard has an approach to hot-swap switches. All other models have a significant connection with Cherry MX, and their name list is below.

  • Leopold FC752R Grey
  • Leopold FC660M Black
  • Leopold FC900R Two Tone White
  • Leopold FC700R Navy
  • Leopold FC980M Ash

How Do I Know If My Keyboard Has A Hot-Swappable Switch?

First, you need to explore hot-swappable switches by their signs and marks of presence. Noise of keys always helps you to detect the type of switches established in keyboards. On the other hand, soft and silent keys lead the mechanical keyboards, which are not hot-swapped. Here are some tips and tricks to find hot-swappable that seem helpful.

  1. The first identity of hot-swap switches is their noise. It seems clicky and dins to the ears.
  2. The hot-swap keyboards contain a soldering kit.
  3. Their switches and keycaps are easily replaceable.
  4. Their keys contain a keycap puller.
  5. They are unrestricted three-pins or five-pins configurations.

Are All keyboard Switches Hot-Swappable?

When we talk extensively, keyboards are divided into two sorts of switches. You may hear or note that two keyboards are under use most in different categories. Membrane and mechanical keyboards are two introductions that lead all the types of keyboards. In the case of switches, all keyboard switches are not hot-swappable.

Keyboards come with soft and silent typing experience and fall into the membrane category. The keyboards that come with a noisy and clicky typing experience are known as mechanical and hot-swappable keyboards. Here is the list of iconic hot-swappable keyboards which make your choice easy.

  • Drop Ctrl Hot-Swappable Keyboard
  • Keychron K6 Hot-Swappable Keyboard
  • Womier K87 Hot-Swappable Keyboard


Leopold keyboards have no feature of hot-swappable switches, so you cannot take this brand except Leopold FC750R  if you are a gamer or clicks lover. We try to clear your rumours about Leopold keyboards hot swappable. You can keep your illogical thoughts away about the detection of hot-swap switches in the keyboard and choose the keyboard by involving the offered tips and tricks.

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