How to Block Keywords on Safari iPhone?

how to block keywords on safari iphone

Almost 80% of iPhone users have young children and siblings in their homes that can use their iPhones in their absence. These situations demand your phone’s protection and your child’s safety from specific keywords on safari. The question heads up how to block keywords on safari iPhone. The techniques of blocking keywords are easy as the iPhone gives us stunning features and options to change the setting from ordinary to child mode.

The keyword you want to block can be from any website, URL, or app. You need to blacklist that website, URL, or app for another person who can use your phone in your absence. Fortunately, apple comes with uncountable characteristics, and you can block the keyword without using any third-party app. By visiting this tutorial, we hope you can efficiently complete this job on your iPhone keyboard, iPad, and iPod. 

How to Block Keywords on Safari iPhone?

Blocking the websites with specific keywords depends on the access you allow from restrictions. If you stop or disable the allow option for searching uncommon keywords of the website on safari, it will be blocked on your iPhone and stop showing in searches. If you don’t know the setting, let’s take the following actions like following. 

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Navigate the settings app
  3. Select the screen time option by scrolling down
  4. It will show you different limits and allow the options
  5. Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option
  6. Switch on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option by touching the toggle
  7. Tap on the Content Restrictions option
  8. Go to the Web Content
  9. There are three options and limits
  10. You can choose the allowed website-only option

It is not enough because you need to block searches and keywords through the same process but change after specific steps. Let’s take action like the following again.

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Open the settings app
  3. Scroll up your keyboard ,down and select the screen time option 
  4. It will show you limits and allow the options
  5. Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option
  6. Touch the toggle and switch on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option 
  7. Tap on the Content Restrictions option
  8. Open the Explicit language
  9. Tap on Don’t Allow
  10. You have done it.

Following on, here is the second way of using the allowed website-only option to block websites with keywords. It is the shortest instead of the previous one and has more stunning acts. Check the following steps.

  1. Go to the setting app.
  2. Tap on the general management
  3. Open the Restrictions
  4. Open the website after turning on the toggle
  5. It will show you a list of websites option
  6. Under the Never allow option, tap on add website
  7. The search bar of the URL will pop up
  8.  Add URLs of websites 
  9. Select allowed websites only
  10. You have done it

How do I Block Certain Words From Searching?

Sometimes, your search engine shows similar results as the previous one or most searching words. It seems frustrating to see the same results again and again. Your child also can search out similar words which are uncomfortable for them like snake, dog, zombie, crocodile, etc. You need to block or delete these certain words from searching to secure your phone and the safety of your child. 

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The matter is how you can block confident words from searching. We want to clear out your confusion by informing you that you need to note the search engine or bar that you are using for searching certain words. After that, if you have google, bing, fox, and browse platforms for this pursuit, follow these steps to block certain words. 

  • Go to the home screen or panel of your device. 
  • Open the setting. If you are an iPhone user, then open the settings app.
  • Select the General or General management section
  • Go to the page moderation option by scrolling down
  • Tap on edit, and it will open the box
  • Write all the words you want to block on searching
  • Save the settings, and you have done it. 

How do I Restrict Safari on iPhone?

If you have a child’s iPhone, it’s too good for him but if your child relies on your phone, you need to restrict Safari on your iPhone, because it has saved the history of previous searches automatically, and your child can open any keyword by using safari. When your child found the safari off, he can’t open any specific search that is unreliable for him to watch. 

By searching out the information, there is no option, and require to delete safari from your device, but it can be invisible for the time you want. When you see it’s time to give the iPhone to the child, you can make it invisible by turning it off. See the practical by reading these words. 

  • Open the setting on the iPhone
  • Go to the general and select the screen time.
  • Under the screen time option, select Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Open the list of Allowed Apps by putting the passcode of the home screen
  • In some iPhone models, you need to type the passcode two times or after opening the app
  • Turn off the safari by switching off the green light in the toggle
  • You have done it.
  • If you want to turn on safari, apply the same process but the last step in vice versa. 


As you know, some keywords on iPhones have a default saving option due to safari and you face some difficulties by giving it to the child. In these situations, we described how to block keywords on safari iPhone in three varied ways. If you found a failure in the first one, try to block the keyword on safari by the second and third processes. We hope you are in comfort because there are more than two related ways. In the end, the final solution is turning off the safari from restrictions by opening the access of allowed apps.

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