Can You Scroll on Plex with Keyboard?

can you scroll on plex with keyboard

Mouse and keyboards have different processes for scrolling up and down, but when it comes to a specific media like Plex, you do not have a valid mouse, so just one question surrounds in mind can you scroll on Plex with keyboard?

Some keyboards have a scrolling system for Plex, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. The mouse plays the leading role in scrolling these media, but sometimes the mouse may get damaged or useless. In such conditions, you need to use the keyboard for scrolling. Keep reading on because the answer will impress you.

Can You Scroll on Plex with Keyboard?

Plex media is different from others, so everyone is confused about using keyboards for scrolling it.  You can scroll on Plex with a keyboard under one condition you got damage your mouse. Otherwise, use the mouse for scrolling because the mouse is much better than the keyboard.

You can scroll Plex by moving it anywhere ups, downs, left, or right, wherever you want. Some hotkeys on the keyboard can make use of plex easy for you. The knowledge of using keys is much needed for doing so. You can simply scroll on Plex by dragging your fingers on the keyboard. 

Some Plex media players may also support additional keyboard shortcuts for navigation, such as the spacebar for pausing and playing video, the enter key for selecting items, and the escape key for backing out of menus.

How do you scroll on plex with a keyboard?

The technique of using keys can help you use any media like Plex. The names of the keys are alt, ctrl, up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, and right arrow, which can employ for scrolling. Press the alt+up arrow for scrolling upward on Plex.

Press the alt+down arrow for scrolling downward on Plex. Similarly, you can press the left and right arrows for scrolling the left and right directions on Plex. The Ctrl button is given for the extra movement cursor. You can press the alt+ctrl+arrow buttons and scroll additional on Plex.

How Do I Enter/Exit on Plex Media Player With Keyboard?

Plex media player is available on Android, Mac, and Windows. In the case of androids, there is no need to press keys or drag fingers on keyboards because you can smoothly enter or exit by touching the screen. When you are using this media player on Windows, some keys on keyboards can help you for entering/exiting.

You can get enter the media player by pressing the ENTER key. But the existing procedure is different. You can press the alt+f4 for fetching quit from the media player.

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How Do I Get Plex to Go Full Screen?

Full screen and TV mode of Plex media player can be obtained by pressing sufficient keys on the keyboard. Window mode is another effect of the Plex media player which shows half-screen movies. You can bring all these effects for spreading videos on high detail view by following tips.

  • Press Shift+F12 for full-screen
  • Press Shift+F11 for TV-mode
  • Press F12 for the window full-screen
  • Press F11 for the window TV-screen
  • Press Esc for getting exit from full-screen

Plex keyboard shortcuts

Plex is a popular media player software that allows you to stream and organize your digital media library, including movies, TV shows, music, and photos. One of the features of Plex is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and control the interface. Here are some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Plex:

  1. Spacebar: Play or pause media
  2. Enter: Select or play media
  3. Esc: Go back or exit a menu
  4. Arrow keys: Navigate through menus and media libraries
  5. Page up/Page down: Scroll through lists and menus
  6. M: Mute or unmute audio
  7. F: Toggle fullscreen mode
  8. S: Show or hide subtitles

These are just a few of the keyboard shortcuts available in Plex, and the specific shortcuts available to you may depend on the platform you are using. Additionally, some Plex clients and media players may support additional shortcuts, so be sure to check the documentation or help menu for a full list of shortcuts available on your device.

By using keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly and easily navigate and control your Plex media player without having to reach for your mouse or touchpad. This can be especially helpful when using Plex in the living room or on a home theater setup, where a keyboard is often more convenient than a remote control.


 After reading this article, You can set up the functions of scrolling on the Plex media player because we answered Can you scroll on Plex with a keyboard? We displayed the process of scrolling up, down, left, and right the Plex with the help of keys on the keyboard. You can also use more keys for fetching the screen to enter and exit the Plex media player. F11 and F12 buttons allow extending the view of the screen in half and full.

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