What is G Shift? (Detailed Explanation & Usage Tips)

what is g shift

If you own Logitech peripherals, you may already know what is G shift. It is the feature you can find in the Logitech gaming mouse to operate things faster and efficiently.

Keyboard macros are one of the apparent reasons why gaming keyboards are popular. They are advancements that have brought a new zeal to the gaming community. You can perform various functions in a single keypress using macros that were previously linked with the combination of keys.

If you own a Logitech G502, you probably wonder what is G Shift G502. Well! It is a fantastic feature that offers access to the macros using the mouse. Logitech G Shift enables you to perform different functions more quickly and conveniently.

To answer what G shift does, we will briefly overview this functionality and how to use it using the Logitech G hub software. Using the keyboard with the mouse buttons increases efficiency while freeing you from the hassle of using the keyboard repeatedly, especially while gaming.

Here is a quick review of What is G shift mouse and how to set it up. Let’s dive deeper and see what G shift offers for users.

What Is G Shift?

G Shift is an excellent utility for the Logitech Gaming G series mouse that helps perform different functions using mouse buttons by overriding the default operation. When it’s enabled, macros can be created as keyboard modifiers to allow you to control not just a simple manual task but a sequence of events with a single click.

While the G Shift function alone only modifies the functions of mouse buttons, it allows for greater flexibility in combination with modifier keys. The Logitech software will enable you to choose any key on the keyboard that you can bind with a macro or keypress – and use it to modify your mouse’s button actions.

How to Configure G Shift?

A g shift configuration is not complicated as Logitech G Hub offers an easy-to-use and convenient interface.

It only requires you to install Logitech G Hub software on your computer. This way, you can access the settings and configurations for the G shift and related interface.

Follow these easy steps for activating and configuring the G shift feature using the Logitech G Hub software interface.

  • Run Logitech G Hub by clicking on the icon.
  • In the main interface, click on the Assignments menu by going through the left navigation menu.
  • Within the Assignments menu, go to the System tab.
  • Use Drag features and set the G shift element from the left menu to configure the mouse buttons. The button will act as the G shift modifier.
  • Engage the slider and move it from default to the G shift button, which will help you to configure and activate the G shift function. You can set the modifications of the mouse key during the active period of the slider in G shift mode.
  • You can pick keyboard keys, set macros, pick up commands or actions from the left menu and drag them to bind on the mouse buttons without any issues.

That’s the simplest way to configure the G shift for setting up macros and key binds.

How to Use G Shift on Keyboard?

The G shift feature is not limited to the Logitech G series mouse only, as Logitech allows the binding and modifying of the keyboard according to your desired values. You can change the binds using the Logitech G Hub software.

To configure and activate the G shift on the keyboard, follow these steps:

  • Install and run Logitech G Hub software on your computer.
  • Now click on the keyboard section of the main interface.
  • Use the left navigation menu for opening the Assignments tab.
  • Under the Assignments, switch to the System tab.
  • Choose from the G shift menu on the left and drag it on the keyboard key where you would like to bind it as a G shift modifier.
  • Once everything is set up, you can use the keyboard with the G shift functionality as you have chosen with the G shift modifier.


How do I reset my G shift in Logitech Mouse?

It is straightforward to reset the G shift in the Logitech mouse. You can use the Logitech G Hub software to reset them to the default values. The second way is to reinstall the G Hub. It will switch the macros to the default settings giving you the option to configure the G shift according to the desired value.

Can you use G Shift in other Logitech Series Mouse?

It is impossible to use the G shift other than the G series mouse. These mice support Logitech G Hub, the main controller for setting up macros. Other than the G series mouse, you cannot configure the buttons to use G shift.https://kmgadvice.com/best-left-handed-computer-keyboards

How do you make G Shift act like a toggle?

Logitech G Hub doesn’t allow it if you want to use the G shift toggle on a button using macro. However, if you’re going to configure the G series mouse to toggle the profiles, Logitech G Hub allows it without any complexity.

Can you change the led color when the G shift is active?

Most people don’t know that mouse LED color and G shift are different in the settings. You can change the LED color using the G Hub utility without affecting the G shift settings or customizations. During gameplay, you can change the LED or G shift without impacting each other.

Final Words

We hope this addresses all the aspects of Logitech’s What is G shift. It is one of the best utilities on your keyboard or mouse for operating things faster and efficiently. G shift offers excellent flexibility by adding features to enhance the computer usage experience.

You can enjoy partial keyboard functionality in the games by assigning the keyboard keys and macros to the mouse buttons. It comes in handy when you focus on the game and don’t want to keep an eye on both mouse and keyboard.

Users who have to use the combination of keys to achieve specific tasks repeatedly can use the Logitech G Shift to get the benefit. It takes the user experience to the next horizon by helping in handling the keyboard and mouse easier.

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