What is a Chiclet Keyboard?

what is a chiclet keyboard

Have you ever gone shopping online to buy a new keyboard and suddenly come across the chiclet keyboard category? Well, don’t worry if you have not heard about these keyboards, as I will explain What is a chiclet keyboard and how it differs from other keyboards in this article. 

A Chiclet keyboard is the most widely used keyboard in modern laptops. It has elevated keys that are very comfortable to type with enough space present between the keys. The space enables the keys to blend well in the surrounding area and improve the typing.

The shape of the chiclet keyboard keys is flat, slightly rounded on the edges, and has a rectangular appearance. The overall shape and arrangement of the keys provide an advantage to the chiclet keyboard over traditional keyboards, so you don’t face any difficulty pressing the keys. It also eliminates the chance of hitting the wrong key when typing quickly.

The name of the chiclet keyboards has a special origin. It hails from the popular chewing gum brand “Chiclets.” Although the idea of these types of keyboard keys is not recent, we have seen a rise in their implementation in modern-day laptops. Many popular brands, including Apple and ASUS, use these keys in their laptop keyboards

What is a Chiclet Keyboard for PC?

Traditional computer keyboards have keys positioned close to each other, making them difficult to type accurately. They are part of a larger section where all the keys are close together. The keys have a wider base as they are slanted along the sides.

In contrast, chiclet keyboards offer something different for the typing experience. The keys on these island-style keyboards remain spread across the layout in small sections. They have a clean-cut design that perfectly fits the gaps among the keys. The chiclet keyboards provide a more spacious and faster typing than the traditional ones.

What is Chiclet Keyboard Laptop?

Chiclet keyboards are not a new concept for computer keyboards. They are among the best keyboards for typing in the last decade of computers. However, laptop manufacturers are not lagging in the race and have already started incorporating chiclet keyboards in their notebooks, laptops, and netbooks since 2011.

Even today, every new laptop has a chiclet keyboard than a standard keyboard due to its huge practicality and popularity. The new race is among the manufacturers to improve their chiclet keyboard technology and let them stand out from the competition. 

Laptop chiclet keyboards are slightly different from their computer counterparts as their height and curve are adjusted according to the laptop design and feel. The primary aim of these keyboards is to provide the best typing and tactile feel for the users.

Chiclet Keyboard – Merits Vs Demerits

The advantages of chiclet keyboards are mainly related to the fact that they contain an array of ergonomically shaped keys with a larger surface to reduce your chances of striking the wrong key when trying to be productive.

The overall look of a Chiclet keyboard is different and more streamlined than the standard models. The best part is they are easy to clean, maintain and use efficiently, especially when taking up less space than regular keyboards.

While some users may be partial to sculpted keys, others have decided that chiclet keys are more comfortable. Critics of chiclet keyboards state that they miss the sculpted shape of the older keyboards because it helped guide the fingers and made typing easier. Because there is less of this guiding action with a chiclet keyboard, there is a greater risk that you will make errors as your fingers strike keys incongruently. 

Additionally, naysayers argue that using a chiclet keyboard over an extensive period can easily cause finger fatigue due to repeating similar motions regardless of accuracy. But it depends on the specific usage and personal experience of the users.

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Are Chiclet Keyboard Good for Typing

The chiclet keyboard is a better buy despite having less height of the keyboard surface. The keys provide a more tactile feel and feedback to the user because they don’t need to adjust to a specific height scale or curve as in other keyboards.

The keys in some chiclet models are also designed to be more springy, which provides higher tactile feedback compared to membrane keyboards. However, this key feedback and travel vary depending on your chosen model.

For example, ultra-thin keyboards aren’t a good choice if you want to experience rich key travel and tactile feedback because their keys don’t have enough surface area. On the other hand, an ideal keyboard for those purposes is similar to the Thinkpads but at a much lower price, typically like something from Dell or HP.

Chiclet keyboards make almost no mistakes because of extra spaces between them that help enlarge the surface area, making it easier to identify which key belongs to which letter. With minimal chances of pressing the wrong key altogether, you can work more efficiently than with a keyboard with cramped keys.

However, the same spacing can distract your typing speed and make you tired because you have to overreach for the keys slightly. Touch-typists new to these keyboards can face difficulty adjusting to the layout and typing for the first time due to the unfamiliar layout. Chiclet keyboards can have less responsive keys with a flatter surface area and more difficulty hitting them precisely. 

What is a Backlit Chiclet Keyboard?

Ever wondered what is illuminated chiclet keyboard or a backlit chiclet keyboard is? Well, they are the same regarding their utility and functionality. Both offer led lit keys that help users type in dim light. These keyboards have backlit similar to the standard keyboards.

Mostly laptop chiclet keyboards offer a backlit option. They have improved typing experience in dim light conditions. However, chiclet keyboards with led backlit can cause a slight impact on the battery life of the laptop. Unlike the standard keyboard without a backlit, you can ignore it when getting the utility to type efficiently in low-light conditions.


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