What Keyboard Does Tommyinnit Use?

what keyboard does tommyinnit use

There are only a few Minecraft gamers that may not know Tommyinnit. He is a renowned British Minecraft Streamer that plays with the Dream Team and broadcasts live streams for the audience. Thomas TommyInnit Simon has been blessed with a large fan following since he was 11. His fans mostly ask what keyboard does TommyInnit use as he is so accurate in his gameplay.

I have briefed this article about the TommyInnit keyboard, mouse, and key switches. He is selective in his choice of peripherals used for gaming and streaming. So let us look at the gear he uses during the streams.

What Keyboard and Mouse Does Tommyinnit Use?

TommyInnit is notorious for his Minecraft gameplay and streams. He has displayed his keyboard and mouse several times during the live gaming sessions. Here is a look at what keyboard does TommyInnit use 2022!


Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green...
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The keyboard choice for TommInnit is not other than the famous Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. The mechanical keyboard is perfect for accurate keystrokes as it features Razer Green Linear Mechanical Switches.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate fits TommyInnit’s needs as he can eat and drink around the keyboard during streaming sessions. It has an IP54 rating which protects it from dust and accidental spills.

The customizable backlit on the keyboard helps TommyInnit modify the aesthetics according to the mood. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate offers ten registerable commands, anti-ghosting, and many more. It is customizable with Razer’s Synapse software for accessing in-depth settings.


Regarding the choice of the mouse, TommyInnit does not compromise sensor quality and accuracy. He uses Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse for his Minecraft live gaming and streaming sessions.

The reason for using Logitech G Pro by TommyInnit is its advantage for gamers. It is one of the best gaming mice in the industry. The mouse’s lightweight design (80 grams) makes it perfect for streaming sessions.

The ambidextrous design with seven customizable buttons is more than a blessing for gamers. The primary advantage of using Logitech G Pro is its highly accurate and sensitive sensor. The Hero 25K sensor on this mouse can click up to 25,000 DPI with a one millisecond response time.

The main advantage of Logitech G Pro is its ability to operate for 48 hours. But it is not the end as you can operate using wire and wireless too. So, you are never short of options when using the Logitech G Pro mouse.

What Keyboard Switches Does Tommyinnit Use

TommyInnit is selective in his choice of mechanical switches. He uses Razer Green Mechanical Switches for speed, accuracy, and feel. Every keypress from these key switches offers a tactile bump, and you can feel and hear it. 

The distinctive click and precise functioning come optimized with the reset points and actuation. These features are perfect for one of the best typing and gaming experiences. The tactile and clicky feel with 50g actuation force certainly impacts the gameplay, which is why TommyInnit uses these switches on his Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard.

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