How to Connect iClever Keyboard [Complete Guide]

how to connect iclever keyboard

If you ever own an iClever keyboard, you have probably faced issues when connecting it to the computer. Although the process is straightforward, most users still don’t know how to connect the iClever keyboard to their computer. 

In this article, I will reveal how to connect the iClever keyboard to a computer, laptop, and mobile. You will learn the tricks you can use to connect wireless and Bluetooth iClever keyboards with your devices. Without further ado, let’s begin with the guide.

How to Connect iClever Keyboard to PC

Connecting the iClever keyboard doesn’t take much pondering; you only have to follow a few simple steps to make the connection work. It requires pairing with the computer to make things work flawlessly.

Wireless Connection

iClever keyboard works on the computer’s 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth interface. If you don’t know how to connect iClever wireless keyboard to the computer, here are the steps to pair and connect the wireless keyboard with the computer.

  • Take the 2.4G USB receiver of the keyboard and plug it into the computer’s USB port.
  • Turn on the iClever keyboard by sliding the power key to the right.
  • Find the 2.4G key to switch the keyboard to the 2.4G wireless mode.
  • Once done with the steps, wait a few seconds to let the pairing work.
  • Both devices will connect, and you can start operating the keyboard immediately.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth interface is a popular method to connect most computer peripherals. Similar is the case with the iClever keyboard. You can connect it using Bluetooth if you don’t want to connect using a 2.4G wireless interface. Here are the steps on how to connect iClever keyboard to Windows using Bluetooth.

  • Turn on the keyboard using the slide right method described above in the wireless connection method.
  • Now find the Bluetooth key and press it for 5 seconds to let it enter the pairing mode. You can detect the pairing mode by observing the blue flash on the keyboard.
  • Once you have entered the pairing mode on the keyboard, go to the computer and enter its Bluetooth settings.
  • Inside the settings, search for the new device and look for the iClever keyboard. You will get something similar to the “iClever IC-DK03 KB,” which is the keyboard’s name in my case.
  • When your computer identifies the keyboard, click on it to connect both devices.
  • Upon successful connection, the flashing indicator stops blinking.

How to Connect iClever Keyboard to Laptop

Connecting the iClever keyboard to the laptop is as simple as connecting with the PC. If you want to connect using wireless or Bluetooth protocol, ensure that your laptop can handle them.

If you want to connect the iClever keyboard to the laptop using wireless, follow these steps.

  • Connect the wireless 2.4G USB receiver with the keyboard to the USB port on the laptop.
  • Turn the iClever keyboard on by pressing the sliding the power button to the right.
  • Once the keyboard turns on, find the 2.4G switch on it.
  • Use the 2.4G switch to change the operating mode of the keyboard to wireless.
  • Now, wait for the connection, and then use the keyboard as you want once things are set up.

Follow these steps for connecting the iClever keyboard using the Bluetooth steps.

  • Turn on the iClever keyboard using the slider button.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the laptop and ensure you have working Bluetooth.
  • Find the Bluetooth key on the keyboard and long-press it for 5 seconds.
  • It will enter the keyboard into pairing mode, and you will observe its light blinking.
  • Now discover the keyboard model on the laptop and pair it with the keyboard.
  • Once the connection is established successfully, the blinking light on the keyboard will stabilize. 
  • You can operate the keyboard now.

How to Connect iClever Keyboard to Mac

Although there is no need for the external keyboard for Mac as it already has a built-in top-notch keyboard, you may still want to use the iClever keyboard. The connecting process is similar to the one I explained for the Windows laptop. 

However, follow these steps to avoid getting into trouble during the process.

  • Turn on the iClever keyboard and put it into the pairing mode (use the above method for pairing mode instructions).
  • Now go to the Apple Menu>System Preferences>Bluetooth on your Macbook.
  • From the list of Bluetooth devices, find your keyboard.
  • Connect the devices and enjoy seamless connectivity.

Note: Mac can sometimes ask for a number or series while pairing the Bluetooth devices. Make sure to enter the displayed number correctly to allow the connection to occur.

Why did my iClever Keyboard fail to connect using a 2.4G wireless Connection?

Several reasons can affect the 2.4G connectivity. I will highlight the fix below that can resolve the issue within 5 minutes.

  1. Ensure that the 2.4G key is already pressed on the keyboard.
  2. Try changing the USB port for the 2.4G receiver.
  3. Watch for the keyboard charging and immediately charge it if there is a low battery.
  4. Restart the keyboard and connect the device.

If the above fixes do not work for you, connecting the keyboard to another computer can let you find out whether the keyboard is problematic or your device is. You can connect it to another PC and find out if your computer has connectivity issues or if your keyboard is faulty.

Why does the iClever keyboard fail to connect by Bluetooth Connection?

Connecting the iClever keyboard is straightforward for most devices. However, it can become a headache for some people facing connectivity issues with the keyboard. Check these fixes for how to connect the iClever keyboard to Bluetooth.

  1. Ensure that both devices are capable of running the Bluetooth.
  2. Ensure that you enter the pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth key.
  3. If the connection is not successful, deleting the already paired devices stored there can do the magic.
  4. Ensure the keyboard has more than 30 percent battery when connecting with the computer.
  5. Don’t exceed the Bluetooth range, as a poor connection can happen if the device and keyboard are not in proximity.

Why is my iClever keyboard not working?


About Iclever keyboards

Keyboards are an essential input devices for computers, laptops, and mobile devices, and they have come a long way since the first computer keyboard was introduced in the early 1960s. Today, there are several options available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. One of the most popular options is the IClever Keyboard, which has gained popularity for its innovative features and affordability.

Features of IClever Keyboards

IClever Keyboards are designed with the user in mind and come with a range of features to make typing and navigation easier. Some of the key features of IClever Keyboards include:

  • Ergonomic design: IClever Keyboards are designed to reduce strain on the hands, wrists, and arms while typing. The keyboards have a comfortable and intuitive layout that makes typing more comfortable and accurate.
  • Compatibility: IClever Keyboards are compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, making it a versatile option for users with different device preferences.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Most IClever Keyboards feature Bluetooth connectivity, making it easier for users to connect to their devices without the hassle of cables.
  • Multimedia keys: IClever Keyboards have multimedia keys that provide quick access to common functions, such as volume control, playback, and more.
  • Affordable: IClever Keyboards are an affordable option for users who require a keyboard with advanced features. The keyboards offer great value for money and are budget-friendly for most users.

Advantages of IClever Keyboards

IClever Keyboards offer several advantages over traditional keyboards, making them an ideal option for users who require a comfortable and efficient typing experience. Some of the key benefits of IClever Keyboards include:

  • Improved typing experience: The ergonomic design and advanced features of IClever Keyboards provide a more comfortable and accurate typing experience.
  • Increased productivity: The multimedia keys and Bluetooth connectivity of IClever Keyboards make it easier for users to access functions and navigate their devices, increasing their productivity and efficiency.
  • Versatile: IClever Keyboards are compatible with multiple operating systems and devices, making it a versatile option for users who need a keyboard that can be used across different platforms.
  • Affordable: IClever Keyboards are budget-friendly, making it an accessible option for users who require a keyboard with advanced features but do not want to spend a lot of money.
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