What is a Bluetooth Keyboard – A Detailed Guide

what is a bluetooth keyboard

Ever imagined what is a Bluetooth keyboard and how it differs from a USB keyboard. Well, if you have done so, you are not alone. It’s a question that keeps clicking on everyone’s mind, especially when switching from USB to Bluetooth keyboards.

A Bluetooth keyboard is high latency, low-powered keyboard that connects to all your Bluetooth-supported devices without any wired connections. It ensures high accuracy for the inputs while operating at high data transfer speeds. 

Although the Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t have any physical connection with the connecting devices, it still uses a wireless receiver (for Wireless Keyboards) to connect and operate with the devices. They don’t take power from the computer like wired keyboards as they have rechargeable batteries to get the job done. However, you don’t have to recharge them repeatedly due to low power usage.

The increase in sophisticated technology has raised the bar and let the users choose the keyboards without any cords. The popularity of the Bluetooth keyboard is quite sudden, led by the belief that they are more convenient. This article will highlight the features, functionality, and differences between the USB keyboards. Let’s dig more into the details.

Are Wireless and Bluetooth Keyboards Same?

are wireless and bluetooth keyboards sameIt is a misperception that wireless and Bluetooth keyboards are the same. They are part of the same “Wireless Keyboard” family, yet there are significant differences that both possess. Despite the similarities, they differ in their functioning and overall utility too. Here is the difference between the Wireless and Bluetooth keyboards:

Ease of Use

Here is the thing! You are on a trip and need to reply to some emails while traveling. You forget to keep the wireless keyboard dongle along with the baggage. You cannot use the keyboard as there is no connectivity bridge between your device and keyboard.

However, this situation is not the same if you own a Bluetooth keyboard. You won’t have to take the USB dongle with you all the time to connect the keyboard with your devices. As most devices have integrated Bluetooth, you only need to pair the Bluetooth keyboard to the device and start using the keyboard straight away.

Bluetooth keyboards are easier to set up and use than wireless keyboards. So, they differ in the level of usability.


It is more concerning than the ease of use as you have to consider a compatible keyboard with your devices. Although the wireless keyboards are primarily compatible with the devices, they show less support for the iPad and other devices which don’t use standard USB.

Bluetooth keyboards have you covered here, too, as they have universal compatibility. They don’t need any dongle to connect so that any Bluetooth supporting device can connect with them. It is a massive advantage as you don’t have to deal with all the compatibility maths.

Performance and Speed

Performance plays a big part when comparing wireless and Bluetooth keyboards. They operate on the radio frequencies that differ between models and the technology used. Most Bluetooth keyboards operate between 2.4 to 2.8 GHz. 

In the past, Bluetooth and wireless keyboard performance remained questionable for enthusiasts, especially gamers, as they had input lags. However, due to continuous advancement in manufacturing, these complaints are the past stories. Both Bluetooth and wireless keyboards are almost at par with their performance and connectivity.

Things to Consider when Buying Bluetooth Keyboard

As the Bluetooth keyboard has several advantages and shows solid performance, the hype to buy it is real. But before proceeding with the buying process, have you identified all the do and don’ts about the Bluetooth keyboard?

Here are the features that you need to consider before buying the Bluetooth keyboard:

Working Range

The purpose of a Bluetooth keyboard is meaningless if it has a poor range. It is the foremost thing to look out for when buying the Bluetooth keyboards if you don’t want to have trouble connecting to the devices while sitting at some distance. 

Preferring the long-range keyboard is a must as you don’t know whether you would like to operate a device from a couch or at the ease of some distance. Keyboards with a 10-meter range can let you use them from a distance without any lags or latency issues.

Extra Keys

If you use the keyboard for only typing or doing regular tasks, you may want to skip extra keys and have a clean layout. However, having extra keys is helpful if you are a tech nerd or like to have multimedia keys for browsing or operating the media functions. 

Buying a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with extra keys can quickly help you operate the functions. It lets you operate specific apps like calculator, email, and others to control these features entirely.

Mechanical Vs. Membrane

Key switches are the most important features for gamers and typists. They ensure responsiveness and handle the feedback of the keypress. There are two categories of key switches: mechanical and membrane. Each has its advantages associated, like durability, performance, lifespan, and feedback. 

If you are a writer, gamer, or have more need for typing, a mechanical Bluetooth keyboard is perfect. However, some membrane keyboards are also packed with responsiveness and performance at par with their mechanical counterparts. So, choose the Bluetooth keyboard wisely, depending on your need.

Keyboard Usage/Purpose

The last feature that you need to consider is the usage and purpose of your Bluetooth keyboard. Whether you want a minimalistic keyboard, multimedia keyboard, mechanical keyboard, or membrane keyboard depends on your preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a Bluetooth keyboard?

The Bluetooth keyboard works after pairing with the device. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and keyboard and pair them. On your computer, go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. From there, you can add your Bluetooth keyboard. Once you pair both devices, you can use them without further hassle.

What is a Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad?

iPad has a built-in on-screen keyboard that can cater to most of your typing and input needs. However, you can use any Bluetooth keyboard compatible with the iPad. Most manufacturers support iPad for connectivity, and you can buy Bluetooth keyboards for iPad online.

What is a Bluetooth keyboard for a tablet?

A tablet is an excellent device that lets you utilize portability while providing performance up to a standard laptop or computer. A Bluetooth keyboard for a tablet enables you to use the most out of the tablet functionality and gives you quick input. Professionals use the Bluetooth keyboard for extensive tablet work.

What is a Bluetooth keyboard in a laptop?

Although the laptop has a built-in keyboard that lets you utilize it for input, if it doesn’t work or you want to use a better keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard in a laptop can help you do the job. It provides improved functionality over default to cater to your needs.

What is the range of a Bluetooth keyboard?

Most Bluetooth keyboard has a standard range that lets you operate them from a distance. The range and its strength can vary for each model and manufacturer. However, the range is consistent at 10 meters for most Bluetooth keyboards.

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With every gadget shifting towards wireless connectivity, a wireless Bluetooth keyboard has become the need of time. It eliminates the need to physically connect the keyboard through a wire and removes the compatibility gaps. With the Bluetooth keyboard, you can connect your iPad, laptop, Android, tablets, and other devices.

I hope you understand what is a Bluetooth keyboard and how it differs from a wireless keyboard. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section.


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