What are Alice Keyboards? Are They Worth It?

what are alice keyboards

Alice Computer Keyboards are a line of ergonomic computer keyboards that allow you to type without pain or discomfort. Designed by a team of ergonomists, Alice keyboards feature a unique split design that provides optimal positioning for your hands and wrists.

Basically, the design splits the keys between the halve. So, you will see an ergonomic design that separates the arrow keys and Num Pad from the quirky side of the keyboard. And, not to mention, it’s most loved by most gamers since they can easily use the WASD keys.

Furthermore, Alice keyboards are available in three different styles: the Classic (with Cherry MX switches), the Pro (with Kailh switches), and the Lite (which is sized similarly to a standard keyboard).

  • The Classic is an 88-key keyboard with a full-size bottom row and a split design that puts your fingers in a natural position.
  • The Pro has 87 keys, with smaller keys on its bottom row, but still maintains its split design for optimal positioning.
  • Lastly, the Lite is smaller than standard keyboards but still maintains the same ergonomic features as other Alice keyboards.

But, are they worth the money or are they just a design and fashion thing? Let’s find out!

How Does the Alice Keyboard Work?

how does the alice keyboard workThe idea behind the Alice keyboard is simple: It takes a standard QWERTY layout, then adds three additional rows of keys above the first row (where most people’s hands rest when they type).

Apparently, it makes it easier to reach keys in those higher rows without having to move your hands off their resting position on the keyboard. Those rows are also angled slightly downward so that your fingers naturally come in contact with them as you type.

In addition to its unique three halves split layout, the Alice keyboard also has some other interesting features worth mentioning.

  • First, its design helps prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) by keeping your wrists in a natural position throughout your typing session.
  • Second, it comes equipped with mechanical switches underneath each keycap.

What are the Benefits of using Alice’s computer Keyboards?

The Alice-style keyboard is ergonomic and comfortable, and it makes them ideal for people who spend long hours on the computer, whether they are working or playing games. Luckily, the keyboard can also be used by people with small hands, which is not always the case with other keyboards.

Is Alice Layout Keyboard Comfortable?

It has a split keyboard layout and comes with a customizable option for the left and right hands. You can also customize it to suit your needs.

The Alice layout keyboard, like the Akko Alice keyboard, is designed to provide comfort to your hands when you are typing. Further, there are many keyboards on the market, but none of them give this kind of comfort as provided by Alice Keyboard. These features make it one of the best options available in the market today.

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Newbies May Struggle:

While the “Alice” layout was engineered to provide greater ergonomics while typing, its form may take some time to get used to. Spacing a few minutes each day practicing different key combinations and new shortcuts will significantly speed up this process.

Also, they will likely have to adjust to the different placement of keys more so than those who’ve been using a standard keyboard previously. Once users become familiar with the new feel of this layout, many have commented upon using it for stretched-out periods.

Another thing, it does provide an ergonomic sense of ease, as if they are being cradled from within by a soft, supportive cushioning.

Alice can even allow you to type without compromising having one hand on the mouse. It is a perfectly viable solution that applies well within most contexts, aside from gaming or performing other tasks requiring continuous fine-motor control with precision.

Alice Keyboard Sizes and Variants

The most popular Alice keyboards come in two standard sizes: 60 percent and 65 percent. These keyboards are patterned after TSI’s original layout and have been created by enthusiasts who enjoy its simplicity and lightness.

Recently, the 75% keyboard size has gained popularity, particularly with acrylic being used as a material for these types of keycaps due to its sturdiness and transparency when it comes to personalizing one’s customized look.

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