What Keyboard does Clix Use?

what keyboard does clix use

Amongst the top Fortnite players, Clix is regarded as one of the best players in the world. He plays most of the Fortnite tournaments, and his impressive performance in Fortnite makes him stand out. Clix frequently shows his abilities and prowess on his live streams. Being one of the top players, it is evident that his setup for gaming would be quite up-to-date and innovative. 

Professional gamers use top and best quality PCs, mice, and keyboards to achieve the best results and maintain winning positions. Since Clix is one of the top-notch players, his fans and many other gamers are most curious about the equipment he uses and wonders about which keyboard does Clix use?

What Keyboard does Clix Use?

The keyboard that Clix uses is Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming keyboard. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features ergonomic designs. This keyboard allows for the most precise, specific, and quick input during the gameplay. 

Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming keyboard allows Clix to decipher and interpret his actions. His movements are translated by the keyboard and keypresses in the game, thus becoming more receptive, quick, and efficient. The keyboard used by Clix, i.e., Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming Keyboard is not just regular or ordinary; it is designed intricately and is a little difficult to use. 

The keyboard used by Clix is indeed Matrix Elite Series 60% gaming keyboard, but Clix does something a little bit different. He customizes the keyboard that matches his mood instead of using the regular (standard) keyboard with RGB lights. With this feature, it may be suitable for various gaming PCs; however, it differs slightly from the Clix keyboard. 

Like many professionals, Clix’s keyboard version is of Matric Elite Series. All the professionals, including Clix, do not use an off-the-rack model of any gaming equipment. The customized version of the keyboard used by Clix is black, with its keys red in color around the right and left-hand sides of the keyboard. The company sells two versions of the keyboard; one is the ordinary edition and the other that matches the kind of keyboard Clix uses.

What Keyboard Switches does Clix Use?

Different gaming switches are available for the keyboards. You can buy the Clix’s keyboard or the standard keyboard with customized gaming switches. These switches can be altered according to the priorities and preferences of the person playing the game.

Besides the question of what keyboards do Clix use, his fans and other gamers are also curious to know what keyboard switch does Clix use? Clix customizes his keyboard and switches for efficient gaming, making him one of the top Fortnite players. On Clix’s keyboard, you will find Cherry MX Blue switches. 

These are used by many other professional Fortnite players and are their first choice when it comes to keyboard switches. When one looks into the gaming setups of the best gamers, top Fortnite players, or best professional Warzone Players, you will see that most of them use Cherry MX Blue switches with their keyboards. 

Professional gamers love these switches as gaming is great and easier with them. The actuation times of these switches are fast, and gamers like Clix feel receptive due to this property. Having a substantial response when you press a button while playing the game helps you and gives you a great sense of what buttons you are pressing. 

What Keyboard does Clix Using for Gaming?

Gaming keyboards are different from other keyboards. They differ in the way they handle switches, and this characteristic is something that makes a gaming keyboard stand out among others. Typically, mechanical keyboards are easier to use and more comfortable than membrane keys when gaming. Still, the keyboard gaming switches used by Clix make the difference even greater. 

I hope you know which keyboard does Clix use? The keyboard Matrix Elite Series 60% Gaming keyboard and the switches Cherry MX Blue used by Clix aid him in performing well while playing Fortnite. It allows him to produce excellent results. But these two are not enough to play this well. His all-other types of equipment contribute to his good performance. He uses multiple equipment to play and perform in competitive games such as Fortnite. 

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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