7 Best Keyboard for Financial Modeling 2023

best keyboard for financial modeling

Frankly, there is nothing like the best keyboard for financial modeling officially in the market although there are different kinds of keyboards available that can help you increase efficiency, productivity, and stability. To be precise, financial modeling is all about using various software. Therefore, the best computer for financial modeling is imperative. Then comes the appropriate keyboard second.

In case you are somehow related to the finance industry or are an accountant or have to use excel on a daily basis, then you must have the best keyboard for accounting which ensures accuracy and increased productivity at the same time.

One of the most common questions in this topic is therefore: which keyboard is most suitable for excel tasks or financial modeling?

The most suitable keyboard for financial modeling or excel tasks is the one that offers maximum excel shortcuts and makes typing easier. Furthermore, we will also go through a detailed buying guide to give you thorough insight and help you select the best keyboard for financial modeling.

The keyboards vary in size, layout, number of keys, and location of keys. Some models feature multi-purpose keys similarly you will find ergonomic keyboards which are best if you have wrist pain. Nonetheless, you have thousands of options on the market but you should act wise and choose upon your working requirements and preferences.

I went through a lot of research to get a good keyboard for financial modeling then decided to write this article to share some best picks from the market.

As we all know, the market is packed with various types, variants, and models of keyboards. In this case, picking the right keyboard for financial modeling is certainly a daunting task. For this reason, I have compiled a list of the 7 best keyboards for finance and shared a well-researched and tested review of each of the keyboards.

Our team has tested 4000 keyboards from different brands including Microsoft, Logitech, Ajazz, Arteck, and Hp to different models. After comprehensive consideration of all aspects, Microsoft and Logitech keyboard is considered to be the best keyboards for financial modeling listed below.

Top 7 Best Keyboard for Financial Modeling

Image Product Unique Features Price
Microsoft Desktop 3000 Microsoft Desktop 3000
  • Programming Keys
  • Thin-Profile keys
  • BlueTrack Mechanism
Check Price on Amazon
Logitech MK270 Wireless Logitech MK270 Wireless
  • Multimedia Hotkeys
  • Better Connection
  • Improved Battery life
Check Price on Amazon
Ajazz AK50 Ajazz AK50
  • multipurpose keyboard
  • LED-backlit
  • Ergonomic design of keys
Check Price on Amazon
Logitech Illuminated Logitech Illuminated
  • Stroke Keys
  • Dynamic Backlit
  • Customizable keys
Check Price on Amazon
Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless
  • Backlighting
  • Connectivity
  • Slim design
Check Price on Amazon
Arteck 2.4G Wireless Arteck 2.4G Wireless
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Silent keys
Check Price on Amazon
Logitech K270 Logitech K270
  • Do not need any software installation
  • Built to last
  • Multimedia keys
Check Price on Amazon

1. Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input...
  • THE CROWN – A UNIQUE CREATIVE INPUT DIAL. The Crown is a tactile aluminium dial that adapts to the app you’re using – giving you instant control of...
  • OPTIMISED WORKFLOW. Install profiles in Logitech Options to enhance the Crown for use with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, as well as...
  • PREMIUM TYPING. Type with confidence on a keyboard crafted for efficiency, stability and precision. Your fingers glide effortlessly between the matt...
logitech craft advanced wirelessLogitech made this modern design keyboard especially by keeping professionals of accounting or excel in mind. Logitech Craft is one of the finest keyboards available in the market.

This is the type of keyboard made for accuracy, stability, and efficiency, its ultra-thin compact design carries some top-notch features such as customized illumination, knob control, easy set-up, and much more.


The slim design of the keyboard comes with low-profile keys that offer tactile feedback. It has all shortcut keys which are responsive and noise-proof. The Logitech Craft keyboard features great compatibility with any device and works better with Windows 7 and others as well as with Mac OS 10.11 and more.


  • The Craft keyboard is better described by knob control settled on the left top enabling one-touch access to context-related functions
  • Backlighting: this slim keyboard would feel incomplete without smart illumination which can be adjusted
  • Connectivity: This advanced design keyboard also includes a unique feature in which the keyboard can be connected to more than 3 devices

  • Compact and thin design
  • Offer high-performance and fast typing
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery using USB type-C
  • Tactile switches with backlit
  • Optimized software is tricky to use
  • Some compatibility issues occur

2. Arteck 2.4G Wireless

Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full...
  • Easy Setup: Simply insert the nano USB receiver into your computer and use the keyboard instantly.
  • Ergonomic design: Stainless steel material gives heavy duty feeling, low-profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing.
  • 6-Month Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium battery with an industry-high capacity lasts for 6 months with single charge (based on 2 hours non-stop use per...
arteck 2.4g wirelessArteck wireless keyboard is another great option for excel users as the keyboard features advanced wireless technology as well as carries low profile switches that activate noiselessly. It is a relatively new model in town and stands out because of its ultra-thin, perfect design made to put forward a comfortable environment for fat typing.

The thing that makes Arteck best among all is its full size, easy layout, ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight design, similarly, the full-size keys make it incredibly comfortable to type on.


The durability factor of the keyboard is based on a heavy-duty stainless-steel frame that is made to last longer. Arteck includes all shortcut keys such as function keys, arrow keys, and Numpad. The keyboard is available with advanced technology that is easier to set up, all you need to do is insert a USB receiver into the PC USB port and start using it right away.


  • Ergonomic design: the Arteck is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort
  • Rechargeable Battery: it features an integrated industry-high Li-polymer battery
  • Silent keys: the keyboard holds low profile, whisper-silent keys to offer you a whole new experience of typing
  • Scissor kick keys of this keyboard last up to 3 million keystrokes

  • Ultra-thin, compact design
  • Nano USB receiver
  • Durable construction
  • Noiseless switches
  • Backed by 24 months warranty

  • Lack of multimedia keys
  • Battery timing could be improved

3. Logitech K270

logitech k270Here comes another Logitech keyboard, K270 is a keyboard with a reliable wireless connection. Overall, it is an easy-to-use keyboard and is one of the finest options for the best keyboard accountants or excels users. This USB keyboard is designed with a standard layout to propose an extremely comfortable typing experience through full-size and deep profile keys.

The compact design of the keyboard does not compromise on its full size and number of keys, with F-Keys, arrow keys, and Numpad; it provides almost all shortcuts on board.


K270 comes with single color keyboard backlighting. The wireless keyboard provides 24 months of battery life to make working easy and consistent without any lag. Logitech K270 is a keyboard that features long-range wireless connectivity. Its compact design makes it easy to go around with. All the keys of the K270 keyboard are UV-coated keys to increase durability.


  • Made to last: the keyboard has spill resilient design also offer sturdy print characters
  • It does not require much maintenance
  • The Logitech keyboard is easy to set up by plugging a USB receiver into the USB port of a computer
  • You do not need any software installation
  • Hotkeys: the K270 brings you 8 easy-to-access multimedia keys for instant functioning

  • Full-size layout and compact design
  • Programmable keys
  • Sturdy construction
  • Portable design for easy mobility
  • Advanced wireless connectivity technology
  • The wireless signal range could be better
  • Not compatible with macOS devices

4. Microsoft Desktop 3000

Microsoft Desktop 3000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Media Center Control media playback from your keyboard
  • Hot Keys One-touch access to Windows Media Player, e-mail, Home, calculator, My Documents, Zoom, instant messaging, and photos
  • Spill-Resistant, Quiet Touch Keys - Integrated water channels drain the liquid away
microsoft desktop 3000This stunning combo by Microsoft has advanced specifications for comfort, convenience, and instant typing experience, which altogether makes it a great hit to use for financial modeling or accounting. The modern design of the keyboard makes it sleek and stylish and the advanced mechanism of built-in water channels drains off liquids to make it a real pro to use commercially.

Similarly, Microsoft ensures user protection by using a smart ergonomic design, which includes a wrist rest so the users can use it the whole as a day trading keyboard without feeling pain in their fingers and palms.


The keyboard is low profile and features soundless and responsive keys. You will feel the tactile feedback on every keypress. As well as the keyboard features media control that gives you easy access to controlling video or audio.


  • Programming Keys: the Microsoft keyboard is smart to offer hotkeys that give you one-touch control
  • To home, media player, massaging, calculator, zoom, photos, and My documents
  • Thin-Profile keys: all keys on board are made thin to perform well also keyboard includes all shortcut keys like F-keys
  • BlueTrack Mechanism: the mouse is made on blue track technology to work well on surfaces like a countertop

  • Available in a combo of modern-design keyboard and mouse
  • Features digital media center
  • 5 customizable keys
  • Multimedia keys
  • Spill-proof design
  • A bit on a pricey side
  • Limited wireless signal range

5. Logitech MK270 Wireless

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For Windows, 2.4...
  • Reliable Plug and Play: The USB receiver provides a reliable wireless connection up to 33 ft (1), so you can forget about drop-outs and delays and you can...
  • Type in Comfort: The design of this keyboard creates a comfortable typing experience thanks to the low-profile, quiet keys and standard layout with...
  • Durable and Resilient: This full-size wireless keyboard features a spill-resistant design (2), durable keys and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height....
logitech mk270 wirelessLogitech is among the most renowned brand for high-performing peripherals in the market and produced a line of highly-ranked keyboards for every category. Logitech MK270 is the advanced version of a wireless keyboard, that comes as a combo with a full-size wireless mouse.

This full-size keyboard comes with every factor and features making it ideal to use for financial modeling, from comfortable design, and standard layout, to full-size Numpad, F-keys, and arrows the keyboard has got everything for you.


The wireless keyboard is equipped with a splash-resistant structure. It is made for fast and comfortable typing, therefore, it features quiet and durable keys. The compact mouse is designed for both right and left-handed users. It is upgraded for the most reliable and uninterrupted connection from 10 meters away


  • Multimedia Hotkeys: the keyboard is featuring 8 programmable keys to allow for instant access.
  • You can rush to email, volume, internet, pause/play, and more.
  • Better Connection: this board offers you simple plug-and-play without any software
  • The USB receiver provides a strong connection of 2.4 GHz signals
  • Improved Battery life: it is backed by 36 months of keyboard battery life

  • Comfortable and resilient design
  • Best for fast typing
  • Programming keys increase productivity
  • Easy to use a USB receiver
  • Compatibility issue with Mac

6. Ajazz AK50

ajazz ak50The Ajazz AK50 is an underrated mechanical keyboard that offers top-quality features and great performance without being heavy on pocket. This full-size keyboard holds all shortcut keys while the standard layout and 100% anti-ghosting keys make it a perfect keyboard for investment banking or excel tasks.

It is crafted ergonomically to add more accuracy and efficiency to your overall performance, which is why the manufacturer used custom-made mechanical switches (brown switches) that are silent and soft, unlike other switches.


The mechanical keyboard carries a wired connectivity option so it can be used right out of the box with a simple plug-and-play and is preferred by several users. Ajazz AK50 keyboard is compatible with almost all types like Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, Mac, and more. Mechanical switches of the keyboard require little actuation force and keys last up to 60 million keystrokes


  • Construction: it is made out of premium quality anodized aluminum and ABS material, the keyboard is manufactured to last longer and is a good multipurpose keyboard
  • Backlighting: although it comes with only a yellow LED-backlight, it features 8 modes for specific keys, 5 custom modes for keys, etc.
  • Key designs: keyboard is available with an ergonomic design of keys in several shapes, an international standard is used as R4 R3 R2 R1, and keys are best to use for a long time.
  • Multitasking mechanical keyboard
  • Best-quality mechanical switches
  • Classic layout ergonomic keys
  • Long-lasting
  • Splash-proof design
  • Wired only connectivity
  • Lack of wrist rest

7. Logitech Advanced Illuminated Wireless

Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard for Mac,...
  • Designed for Mac: Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & iPad models.
  • MASTERED FOR MAC - MX Keys for Mac is optimized for macOS, iPad compatible, finished in Space Gray – and features a Mac key layout
  • PERFECT STROKE KEYS – Spherically dished keys are crafted for the shape of your fingertips – and feature a Mac key layout. A row of Fn keys can be...
logitech advanced illuminated wirelessMX Keys Advanced Wireless by Logitech is the latest, multi-tasking, top-tier programming keyboard, basically the laptop-style desktop keyboard.  This Logitech’s premium model holds some top-of-the-line features of the predecessor Craft except the stylish touch dial.

With an appealing and clean design, the Logitech MX Keys is incredibly durable as the brushed-aluminum frame is thin enough whereas the white keycap fonts along with the grey finish make it futuristic, polished, and super stylish.


The Logitech MX Keys Advanced is a great keyboard for Mac OS as well as compatible with iPad. The keyboard offers a Mac layout that makes it most suitable for Mac and Apple devices. It is aesthetically designed on the basis of minimalist construction for high performance, stability, and optimal comfort. Being a membrane keyboard, MX keys offer good key travel and tactile feedback. Moreover, the keys, are responsive to the extent that makes you rethink the decision of getting a mechanical keyboard.


  • Stroke Keys: the keys on the board are crafted in a curve shape to suit fingertips like the feature of Mac layout keys
  • Dynamic Backlit and Customizable keys: the keyboard features nifty illumination in which keyboard keys light up and have the option of automatic adjustment work on lighting condition changes, the feature of Fn keys customization is great to manage heavy workflow.

  • Trim and flashy style modern keyboard
  • Durable construction
  • Simultaneously use in multiple computers with one flow
  • Adjustable backlit
  • Features easy switch buttons
  • Expensive
  • Palm rest is not included
  • Limited key travel

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Keyboard for Financial Modeling

As we know, not all keyboards are made equally and with hundreds of thousands of options in the market, it will be extremely tough to select the keyboard with the right specifications and aspects that are highly needed for financial modeling software.

On the other hand, there are many extravagant keyboards on the market that offer excellent performance. In reality, you have nothing to do with fancy features and lights of the keyboard when you want to get a better keyboard to use for financial modeling or excel work. The top-tier keyboards with AWSD keys are absolutely not needed, all you need is extra functional keys to make the most out of shortcuts.

You should prefer a business keyboard over a gaming keyboard if you want one to increase your efficiency and performance for financial modeling.

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential aspects you should consider while buying a keyboard, which is well-suited for excel work or financial modeling:

Best keyboard for investment banking Layout

The first thing you need to look for while buying a keyboard is a suitable size and layout. You will come across numerous types of keyboards with so many different sizes which are commonly known as form factors. Compact form factors are not at all suitable for excel related work as they sacrifice many keys for size e.g., Numpad, etc.

As Numpad and other keys such as F keys have vast significance in financial modeling, you should buy a keyboard with all 104 keys and prefer a standard layout. It is recommended to get a full-size keyboard that includes functions keys, Numpad, and arrow keys.

Although you can get a keyboard with a different layout, the only issue is that you need some time to adjust to the new design. Similarly, you can consider split-design keyboards which are ergonomically designed to offer comfort and ease as well as contain almost all keys on board.

You can even get the keyboard that comes with Numpad or one with a separate number pad. Both options are good to go with but in case you want easy movement on the working station so it is better to opt for an isolated option.


Financial modeling is mainly based on keyboard shortcuts and the use of such key shortcuts makes you extremely productive also it saves time while using excel.

While buying a keyboard, you should not overlook this important factor and make sure to check the positions of keys for the sake of easy access.

Apart from general and basic excel shortcuts, financial modeling required navigation & selection, formatting, tables, data manipulation, and various other shortcuts to complete tasks.

The major keys involved in keyboard shortcuts are mentioned below:

  • Ctrl key
  • Shift key
  • Menu key
  • Alt key
  • Arrow keys
  • Function keys
  • Menu keys & Numpad

Some other keys like escape, home, end, Page up, and down keys are also used in key shortcuts. Since these keys are used in combinations often so make sure these keys are in an easily accessible position when you purchase a keyboard.

Ergonomic Design & Construction

Another factor you must consider while buying a keyboard is its build or quality construction. Mostly, there are three types of keyboards preferred for excel work, ergonomic keyboards or split keyboards are best for long hours of typing. These keyboards are designed ergonomically to encourage natural wrist position while typing thus preventing wrist pain and other typing-associated injuries.

The best affordable mechanical keyboard is also a great option in terms of quality switches. The essence of mechanical keyboards is the type of switches, that more or less offer millions of keystrokes for each key. On each press, these keyboards generate noise although it mainly depends on the switch type used in the keyboard. And the best thing about the mechanical keyboard that attracts users is the option to choose a switch type based on work requirements.

You can either go with a clicky keyboard or a noiseless one, and you even have the option to pick a switch type that requires much actuation force or the one with the slightest actuation force.

Chiclet keyboards on the other side are quiet keyboards with scissor switches. These are also good for excel users or fast typists as they have slight actuation point that makes it effortless in terms of typing. These keyboards mostly follow the membrane mechanism which is way more beneficial for beginners.


The build quality of the keyboard determines its durability and ability to handle a heavy load of work. You must check the build quality of the keyboard which includes the material quality of the frame, keys, and switches.

Mechanical keyboards are the best option in the context of durability and reliability, MX red switches that require the least actuation force are the top recommendation. Chiclet keyboard is also great when it comes to fast typing speed but you should get a model from a well-rated brand.


You have the option to choose connectivity in keyboards, either wired or wireless, according to your personal preference and working habits.

If you prefer connectivity without any interval, you should consider a wired keyboard that comes with USB port connectivity.

But if you want a keyboard that offers mobility and is free of litter caused by wires, then wireless keyboards are the best option for you. These are usually battery-operated keyboards with connectivity options of Bluetooth. Although these keyboards are a costly option, the long-lasting batteries can give you peace of mind while working without any breaks.

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What is financial modeling?

Financial modeling is the process of creating a numerical representation of a financial situation or forecast. Financial models are typically used to forecast future performance, analyze potential outcomes, and inform decision-making. They can be used in a variety of contexts, such as predicting the financial performance of a company, evaluating the feasibility of a business plan, or determining the value of a financial asset. Financial models typically use historical data and assumptions about future conditions to project future performance. They often rely on spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, to organize and analyze the data.

What do you need in a keyboard for financial modeling?

There is no specific type of keyboard that is required for financial modeling. Any keyboard that allows you to input data and use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, would be sufficient for financial modeling. However, there are some features that might make certain keyboards more suitable for financial modeling. For example:

  • Numeric keypad: A keyboard with a separate numeric keypad can make it easier to input large amounts of numerical data.
  • Function keys: Function keys can provide quick access to common Excel functions, such as SUM and AVERAGE.
  • Shortcut keys: Some keyboards have shortcut keys that allow you to perform common tasks, such as saving a document or formatting text, without having to use a mouse.

Ultimately, the best keyboard for financial modeling will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your work.

What is a financial keyboard?

A financial keyboard is a specialized keyboard designed specifically for financial data entry. It is designed to enable efficient and accurate data entry of financial information. It has a number pad, a calculator, and a set of financial-specific keys that allow the user to quickly enter financial data into a computer or financial software application.

The keyboard typically has two columns of keys, one for data entry and the other for calculations. It also has a variety of shortcut keys that allow users to quickly enter common financial calculations. Financial keyboards are used in a variety of industries, including banking, accounting, finance, and investments. They are used to enter financial data into various computer programs and systems, such as accounting software and databases.

The keyboard allows users to quickly and accurately enter data into the system, reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete a financial transaction. Additionally, the keyboard eliminates the need for manual calculations, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Financial keyboards are also used to quickly enter data into spreadsheets and other financial software applications. The keys are programmed to perform various calculations, such as calculating interest rates, discounts, and loan payments. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and ensures accuracy.

Additionally, the keyboard’s shortcut keys allow users to quickly access commonly used financial formulas, such as present value, and future value calculations. Overall, financial keyboards are a valuable tool in the financial world. They’re designed to enable efficient and accurate data entry, reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete financial transactions. They also eliminate the need for manual calculations, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Do you need a full-size keyboard for Excel?

No, you do not need a full-size keyboard for Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet program, so you do not need to type in large amounts of text. In fact, a full-size keyboard can be cumbersome for entering data.

Instead, a smaller keyboard, such as a laptop keyboard, may be more suitable. When using Excel, you will typically use a combination of the arrow keys and the tab key to navigate the cells and enter data. You may also use the function keys, such as F1, F2, and F3, to access features. The number pad is also useful for entering numbers and performing calculations.

A full-size keyboard can be helpful if you are using keyboard shortcuts or need to access special characters. However, these functions can be accomplished using the function keys. In general, a full-size keyboard is not necessary for using Excel. The most important feature is a numeric keypad for entering numbers and performing calculations. A laptop keyboard is usually sufficient for most Excel functions.

Top financial modeling keyboard shortcuts – Excel shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + ` (Tilde) – This shortcut key is used to quickly switch between the formula view and value view in Excel. This is a great shortcut to use when troubleshooting complex formulas. 2. Ctrl + ‘ (Single Quote) – This shortcut key is used to quickly copy a formula from one cell to another. When this key is pressed, the contents of the active cell are copied and pasted into the cell below it.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + ! (Exclamation Point) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as numbers. This is especially useful when working with large financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + % (Percent Sign) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as percentages. This is useful when working with percentages in financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  4. Ctrl + Shift + $ (Dollar Sign) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as currency. This is useful when working with currency in financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + # (Number Sign) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as dates. This is useful when working with dates in financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  6. Ctrl + Shift + ^ (Caret) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as scientific notation. This is useful when working with large numbers in financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + @ (At Sign) – This shortcut key is used to quickly format the selected cells as times. This is useful when working with times in financial models as it allows you to quickly format all of the numbers in the model to the correct format.
  8. Ctrl + F3 – This shortcut key is used to quickly open the Name Manager in Excel. This is useful when working with financial models as it allows you to quickly create and manage range names. 10. Ctrl + F5 – This shortcut key is used to quickly open the Insert Function dialog in Excel. This is useful when working with financial models as it allows you to quickly insert the correct function into a cell.


All the above-mentioned keyboards are great choices and fully capable to make your financial modeling or excel work easier and faster.

Besides, you have an entire ocean of options in the market to pick the right one based on requirements, preferences, and budget. I recommend you pick the keyboard which is suitable for multitasking work to make your investment worth it.

I hope this post on the best keyboard for financial modeling will draw your attention to some great options from the market and also guide you through how to select the best keyboard.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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