What Keyboard Does Ryft Use?

what keyboard does ryft use

Whenever famous YouTubers are mentioned, the name Ryft comes to the fore. He got 2 million plus subscribers by making top-notch content with streams. The creation of Fortnite videos is his passion and the cause of his popularity. The four gadgets are helping him to launch videos day by day. The keyboard is one of them. His fans want to know about his lifestyle and the instruments he used for creating videos. He is using a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and headset but the question by fans is, what keyboard does Ryft use?

He is using the high-quality keyboard SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard is the leading fact behind the success of YouTubers like Ryft.

Ryft has a great combination of this keyboard with a mouse, headset, and monitor, which helps him to make classic editing of Fortnite. Keep reading because we have all the information about gadgets, which Ryft is using at the current time in life.

What Keyboard Does Ryft Use?

Ryft uses the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard, which has multiple features that make it different from other gaming keyboards. This keyboard is not just a favorite of Ryft YouTuber who likes to use it. Most YouTubers and gamers also love to use it. Its loud voice of keys is better than silent keyboards. This keyboard has more promising segments. 

Attractive Display

The display of SteelSeries Apex Pro looks pretty and has a striking impact on users. Its display is 5.5 inches in length and 17.2 inches in width, which is enough for any setup. A very comfortable and easy-access display keyboard draws the awareness of YouTubers.

Refined Material

The stability of keyboards comes from the material. It’s constructed of Aircraft grade aluminum that uses to boost the strength of stay for the keyboard. The potency of the material provides lifetime stability.

Wrist Rest

Such a smoothness that is never ignorable for you. Its soft keys deliver ergonomically fumble to wrists. It also provides massive comfort and humility to fingers.

LED Lights

The seven shades of light make it a beauty double. You can change its colors according to your wish and set one favorite color as default. Looks dashing under low light and provides a worthy look in darkness.

What Mouse Does Ryft Use?

Ryft employs a high-density mouse for making edits in good form. He gained fame in the world of youtube due to his technique of using gadgets. Ryft uses the Glorious Model O gaming mouse that comes with double-sided buttons. This mouse has multiple features for the creation of a stream, and its numerous buttons help to control every act with a single hand. The movements and clicking are so smooth. Its weight is too lite and reduces the difficulty of carrying. Its G-stakes mouse feet help to move your hand without any barrier.

What Headset Does Ryft Use?

The headset is another needed gadget for YouTubers and gamers. They can not start their stream without a headset because the powers and connections of hearing and speaking do not work correctly. Ryft is currently using Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset. It provides the surroundings and a clear voice. It comes with blue Mic technology that helps to record a clear voice. It delivers an immersive and crafted sound to the ears. Exceptional modularity creates a sturdy feel to the ears. Enhanced base rendering and proximity cues are the most significant features.


If you are a beginner in this field, so choosing a suitable gadget is challenging for you. Most fans search for the style of professionals before picking their instruments. By leading this coincidence, we have a solution about what keyboard does Ryft use? In this guide, you can read about the devices that Ryft is currently using for youtube. You can know the causes of using these devices after reading them.

By Brandon S. Lee

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