How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to iPad

how to connect logitech keyboard to ipad

Connecting the Logitech keyboard to the iPad is not as simple as most people think. The process seems straightforward but has many limitations that make you decide how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad. 

You will have to consider many considerations before connecting the Logitech keyboard. There are many solutions to the connectivity, but I will list here the best possible option that I feel will work flawlessly for most users and beginner-friendly too.

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to iPad?

Here we will list all the solutions you will find for connecting various iPad versions. All the procedures will focus on connecting the keyboard using Bluetooth. The process is straightforward for the most part and does not need any technical expertise to implement.

Let’s assume you want to know how to connect Logitech Fix keyboard on iPad Air or how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad Pro; the procedure will not differ much. The same procedure is because both have the same operating system, which requires following the same steps.

Pairing with iPad

Step 1: The connectivity is quite simple when the Bluetooth is turned on on your iPad. Go to the Settings and find the Bluetooth inside the Settings. Recheck that the Bluetooth toggle is On. You can use the iPad Control Center to access the Bluetooth settings easily and turn it on.

Step 2: The next step is enabling the Bluetooth on the keyboard. It requires you to act according to the instructions provided by the keyboard manufacturer. It is better to consult the instructions manual that comes along with your keyboard to better understand the Bluetooth connectivity process.

Step 3: Once you have enabled Bluetooth on both devices, it’s time to pair them. Go to the iPad Bluetooth settings and see if your keyboard is given in the Available devices. If yes, select the device and enter the authorization code on the screen. It will add the keyboard to the paired devices list.

Step 4: Once the pairing is complete, you can connect the devices without further setup. It will only require you to enable Bluetooth on both devices and then connect them without repeating all the processes given above.

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to iPad K380

We have learned to connect the iPad to the Logitech keyboard in general. When talking about specifics, connecting the Logitech K380 keyboard is an excellent option. This method also addresses your concerns about how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad Air 4 and how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad Air 2.

Follow these steps to connect the iPad to the Logitech keyboard and get a worry-free experience.

  • Ensure that before proceeding, the iPad is up to date and running at least on iOS 13.1.
  • Go to the Settings on your iPad and then proceed to General.
  • Inside the General, go to the Bluetooth and turn on the slider to turn the Bluetooth On.
  • Pick your keyboard and turn Bluetooth on it by pulling the back tab.
  • Once the keyboard turns on, it goes into pairing mode. It will take seconds to get into the pairing and connect both devices. The keyboard LED will turn on when in pairing mode.
  • Get back to the iPad settings and see whether the keyboard is in the available device list.
  • Connect the keyboard and enter the pairing code that appears on the iPad screen. Once you enter the code, the devices will connect successfully.
  • You don’t have to follow the pairing procedure whenever you want to connect the keyboard to the laptop. It will remain in the paired devices list until you manually delete it.


This process for connecting the Logitech keyboard to iPad is valid for other similar situations. You can also use the procedure when looking for a solution on how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad Air 2 because of the same OS on both devices.

Connecting and setting up the iPad with the Logitech keyboard is relatively easy. You can follow these steps and successfully connect the keyboard with the iPad. You can restart the devices to make the connectivity successful if there are still connectivity issues.


How do I turn on the Logitech keyboard for the iPad?

Turning on the Logitech keyboard for iPad is straightforward. You will require to pull the tab given under the keyboard to turn on the Bluetooth. Once the keyboard is On, it will blink the LED for pairing, ensuring that your keyboard is On and ready for pairing.

How to Connect Logitech Keyboard to iPad Mini?

Connecting iPad Mini with the Logitech keyboard is a breeze. The process involves turning On the Bluetooth on the keyboard and iPad mini and then pairing them. After successful pairing, connect both devices. Once successful, you can connect without any pairing anymore.

Why won’t the Logitech Keyboard connect to the iPad?

There are several considerations when connecting the Logitech keyboard with the iPad. Ensure having the latest iOS version on your iPad. Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on both iPad and keyboard. At last, try restarting the devices if the connection still does not happens between the devices.

Can we connect Logitech Keyboard wirelessly with the iPad?

You can pair up to 3 devices with the Logitech keyboard when connecting wirelessly. It can save three devices, including an iPad with a keyboard. The connectivity is straightforward, and you can follow the above guide on how to connect Logitech keyboard to iPad 6th generation.

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