How to Factory Reset iMac Without Keyboard?

how to factory reset imac without keyboard

Do you know how to factory reset iMac without keyboard? Yes! It can happen and is possible now. iMac demands a factory reset in some conditions when bugs and errors interrupt your working speed. Resetting of iMac has unique ways and patterns in the absence of a keyboard. Now you are thinking about how it is possible. Let,s move downward to learn this exciting and helpful method.

Waterdrops on the surface of your Mac keyboard are not a good sign because they can destroy the whole kit of keyboards, but mistakenly sometimes your keyboard may get stuck at the time fixing problems with the iMac. In such a condition, you need to reset your iMac without the keyboard. Forgetting the admin password can also compel you to factory reset your Mac. 

How to Factory Reset iMac Without Keyboard?

There are two conditions that appear if your Mac keyboard stop working. First, you can detect the problem, and fix it before resetting your Mac. Second, you can use an external keyboard for the same pursuit. Both ways are manageable and applicable in average conditions, but if your Mac keyboard is damaged deeply, you need to rely on the second method. Take a view at the First one. 

Fix the Problems

Check your Mac keyboards and detect the reasons for stucking. After that, fix the problem and factory reset your iMac.


The dozens of reasons behind the damaged iMac, but some of them are fixable at home. Minor glitches in keystrokes are easy to fix. Broken keys and burned kit of Mac keyboard demand replacement. Detect the exact problem in the Mac keyboard.


After glimpsing, the identical problems in the keyboard, find the solution. It is better to fix the Mac at home instead of taking it to the operator. If you have any kind of stiff problem, you need to replace it with the new one.


In the end, your keyboard is set and ready to use for factory resetting. Apply the following actions to factory reset your keyboard.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Choose the system setting
  • Go to the General option
  • Select the transfer or reset option
  • Click on Erase all contents and settings

Use External Keyboard

Using the external keyboard is the second option for a factory reset in the absence of a Mac keyboard. You can use the USB and Bluetooth keyboards on the iMac for making a secure factory reset. On the word of security, you need to take some steps before running the process.

Recover Data

Your data will erase after a factory reset, therefore, you need to secure the essential apps and files. After resetting, you can restore them. 

  1. Go to the lost files and search out.
  2. By using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, scan the display and select the highlighted files.
  3. Click on files one by one and select the recover option.

Create a Backup

By creating a strong backup, you can recover your data after a specific hour or days. For this purpose, the time machine backup is the best option because it is the most helpful method. You can create a time machine backup by following the actions.

  1. Go to the Apple menu.
  2. Select the system preferences 
  3. Go to the time machine and click to run it
  4. Create a backup by selecting a specific time
  5. After the factory reset, your time machine backup will help you to recover the data.

Now you can easily use the external keyboard for making a factory reset on Mac. You can connect your external keyboard to your Mac through Bluetooth and USB. It depends on the type of keyboard.

  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Use a USB keyboard.

Connect the Keyboard

  • If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, go to the system preferences on Mac and turn on the Bluetooth mode. After your device name pops up in the active devices list, pair and connects it with your Mac, by clicking on the name. Now your Bluetooth keyboard is ready to help you with the factory reset.
  • On the other hand, if you have a USB keyboard, check the type of port in Mac. Most Macbooks come with C type port and have only one port, so, select the C-type of USB detachable and plugin. Connect it with a USB detachable and make sure the connection is strong. 

Make Factory Reset

You can factory reset your iMac in the absence of its keyboard with the help of an external keyboard. Use the following steps.

  • Click on the Menu bar and switch off your Mac
  • Press and hold the command+R key 
  • Power on your Mac and release the keys when the apple logo pops up
  • Different options will show in the list 
  • Select the utility options by continue
  • Click on Disk Utility and continue to next
  • Click on Internal disk/startup disk
  • Locate the top of the disk utility and click on Erase option
  • Select the APFS file and type a name 
  • Select the Erase Volume Group to erase it
  • Now again, repeat the process until recovery mode is on
  • Click on Reinstall macOS and install it
  • Close the modes and shut down the Mac
  • Your Mac is reset now.


The fear of damaging iMac keyboards cannot terminate, however, the options for fixing their problems, changing them, and using external keyboards are still there. So, the concern of how to factory reset iMac without keyboard is solved now.  There are two individual ways of solving this problem. You can choose the easier one after analyzing both. You can clear out the issue of factory resetting in terms of different criteria.

By Brandon S. Lee

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