How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard?

how to connect ubotie keyboard

The beauty of mechanical devices is always in their manufacturing pattern, and the process of their connectivity comes within the packing box. Unfortunately, Ubotie has all focused on its figure and look, but still needs to instruct how to connect Ubotie keyboard. The portable version of Ubotie involves mechanical life a few days after its launch. Enthusiasts catch this model of Ubotie in uncountable numbers, and this model also deserves this sort of activity. 

The desirable and pretty look of the Ubotie keyboards can make you forget other keyboards. May you be right about its multiple attractive features, but the process of its connectivity with other devices is also noteworthy. So, we decided to clear out this problem in this guide. 

How To Connect Ubotie Keyboard?

Ubotie keyboards are at their best to allow more than three devices to connect via Bluetooth. By maintaining simplicity in the process, you can take thirty steps back from your device and connect with the Ubotie wireless keyboard. In the opinion of experts, no keyboard provides a range of signals as Ubotie, but the only condition of proper connection is needed. 

To Connect With Window Computer:

As most enthusiasts are windows users, so first try to connect your Ubotie keyboard to a Windows computer by following the steps.

  • Click on the start menu
  • Navigate the system preferences option and click on it.
  • Tap on the settings option
  • Click on the devices option
  • Navigate the Bluetooth and other devices option
  • Turn on the Bluetooth and put it on pairing mode
  • Switch on your Ubotie keyboard and turn it on to active pairing mode
  • After a few seconds, your keyboard name will pop up in the list of active devices of Window
  • Select the name of your keyboard
  • It takes 5 seconds to connect with your Ubotie keyboard
  • You have done it now. Check the keys by pressing them to verify the connection.

To Connect With macOS:

The Apple devices are different from Windows and have a separate method to connect with the Ubotie keyboard. The advantage is there, Ubotie keyboards have mac and Windows modifier keys option at once. So after connecting Ubotie with mac, you can efficiently remap keys and use them by locating command and option keys. Follow these steps to get a bond with mac.

  • Navigate the Apple menu bar
  • Select the system preferences
  • Tap on the Bluetooth icon
  • Turn on its Bluetooth mode
  • Put your Ubotie keyboard on pairing mode
  • Connect it to the mac when its name shows in the Bluetooth list.

To Connect With Tablet:

Sometimes users want to use their tablet as a laptop. For doing so, they need to connect their keyboard to their tablet via Bluetooth. Take some actions to convert your tablet into a mac.

  • Turn on your Ubotie keyboard, and put it on Bluetooth mode
  • Navigate the Tablet setting 
  • Put it on Bluetooth mode
  • Check your device name in the list
  • Apply the demanding conditions and connect them.

What Kind Of Keyboard Is The Ubotie?

The colourful and beautiful look of Ubotie is the glory of mechanical devices. This kind of keyboard is compatible with Windows PC, macOS, tablet, and other android devices. The only Ubotie keyboards that possess command and window key options by sticking their logos.

You can locate their modifier keys having two specified looks that work for both mac and Windows. 

Ubotie keyboards are fully-sized mechanical keyboards having incredible layouts and unlimited features. Their multiple themes and the shape of keycaps can stop your thoughts about any other design. Their flexible keys seem comfortable in the office and gathering.

Does The Ubotie Keyboard Work With iPads?

First of all, the Ubotie keyboards are compatible with iPads and run with apple devices constantly after getting a connection. You can use your Ubotie keyboard with a mac without any stress because this is authorised with apple devices. Make sure that your keyboard is in Bluetooth rendition or has a USB pin drive for connecting to the iPad.

Use these tips and tricks to use it with an iPad.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the iPad from its setting
  2. Switch on your keyboard
  3. Press and hold the Fn+C keys until the light of the indicator starts blinking
  4. Check the Ubotie name in the list and tap on the pair option
  5. It will connect after five to seven seconds

What Batteries Does The Ubotie Keyboard Need?

Ubotie keyboards come in different series, and every series has a different mechanism of power consumption. Every model of Ubotie contains the details of batteries within the description. Mostly, AAA batteries are used by Ubotie keyboards, but the number of batteries depends on their model.

Rainbow keyboards contain two AAA batteries and allow more than three devices to connect at one time. The battery life of AAA batteries is 15 months, but when you start to use them continually, they stay up to three months without charge. 


The information on the features and usability of Ubotie is not hidden from anyone, but some users asked us about how to connect Ubotie keyboard to Windows Computer, macOS, and Tablet. By leading their questions, we explained every unique procedure, which is fittable for any kind of user. Following on, we described the kind of Ubotie, its compatibility with the iPad, and the batteries they need.

By Brandon S. Lee

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