How To Disable Anti Ghosting Keyboard?

how to disable anti ghosting keyboard

A combination of keys in a keyboard that is used thousands of times to perform a specific act stops working due to ghosting in the keyboard. It is not a common problem for users because keyboards perform several operations. Now it depends on what kind of action you execute with the keyboard. Ghosting on keyboards is not a good sign, so the question appears How To Disable Anti Ghosting Keyboard?

Specifically, writers and gamers suffer from this problem due to the extensive use of multiple combinations of keys. There is nothing to wonder about because we will explain to you how to disable anti-ghosting with the help of key remapping.


Ghosting in keyboards is the wrong act or not act of specific keys after pressing them. This annoyance is just for gamers, programmers, writers, and typists that have to use the keyboard widely. The standard users are away from this problematic state.

How To Disable Anti Ghosting Keyboard?

Anti-ghosting keyboard is straightforward because you have to do minor fixing steps in the remapping keys with complete attention. Mostly, standard and mechanical keyboards are called anti-ghost keyboards, and there is no demand for any kind of third-party program to prevent them from ghosting. Besides this, old keyboards require your awareness to make them full of anti-ghost. You can do it by replacing them or installing third-party programs for key remapping.

Anti-ghosting is required for keyboards’ health and running performance. You can disable the anti-ghosting keyboard in three ways.

Use Third-Party Program

Download and install any key-remapping third-party program to remap the key function, which involves ghosting. By using the program, change the action of combination keys. It will take time to change your style, but it is necessary to accomplish. Change the function of the key with any other key on the keyboard. After that, your keyboard is safe from ghosting.

Key Remapping

Locate the keys which suffer from ghosting. If they are from separate factions of the keyboard, it will be easy for you to disable anti-ghosting.

  1. Detect the section of keys
  2. Open the setting of the keyboard
  3. Go to the remapping keys section
  4. Remap the affected key with another section that is free from ghosting
  5. After a time, your keyboard automatically disables anti-ghosting

Replacing Of Keyboard

The above methods are not very effective because they take much time to act, but the opportunity of replacing the keyboard is best to save time. You can change your ghosting keyboard color with a ghosting-free keyboard by giving some expenses within, but not extensively. The manners of employing programs and remapping keys to disable anti-ghosting on keyboards are formidable against their replacement. So, the choice is yours regarding what kind of method you want to use.

If you feel any puzzlement about applying these methods, read the advantages of anti-ghosting on keyboards.

Advantages Of Anti-Ghosting

  • Feels comfortable pressing keys and getting fast results during the writing.
  • Delivers strong momentum in gaming by getting multiple actions at one time with different combinations of keys.
  • Provides quick shortcuts by pressing on-time integrating keys during coding a program.
  • Takes a short time to perform an action after pressing a key, unlike ghosting keyboards.
  • Modify one key with multiple keys to perform different movements at one time.

How Do I Find Anti Ghosting On My Keyboard?

Checking for ghosting in the keyboard is the easiest role to check for any other concerns about keyboards. If you are an expert in typing or a master of pressing keys, you can find anti-ghosting in seconds on keyboards, because this is typing which shows the ghosting and anti-ghosting on keyboards.

Let me introduce you to the first way of finding anti-ghosting on your keyboard. Open any notepad, Wordpad, or a new document on the computer. Let’s type more than three keys fastly at one time and check on-screen results. If there are all keys in action, it means you have an anti-ghosting keyboard, but if you missed any activation of a key, so your keyboard is suffering from ghosting. 

The second way of finding anti-ghosting is the use of an on-screen keyboard during typing. It will emphasise the keys which you will be pressing. Now open the notepad and on-screen keyboard. Start typing different combinations of keys. You can see pressed keys in highlight mode on the on-screen keyboard. If there is no key missing, so your keyboard is anti-ghosting, but if you have skipped any key, your keyboard is in ghosting mode.


Here, we described the strategy for how to disable anti ghosting keyboard? There are three ways to get rid of ghosting from your keyboards, and the third one is the most important. Try the given methods and make your keyboard ghosting-free. If you don’t know how to check the anti-ghosting keyboards, you can check them by applying the presented methods.

By Brandon S. Lee

Hi, My name Brandon S.Lee and I am a professional Gamer, I also worked with the keyboard making company called Logitech. I was the quality check manager of the Logitech keyboard department. Here we have a team of people who researched on the keyboards, talked with keyboard users and analyzes the user reviews and then write the product reviews.

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