How to Clean a Greasy Keyboard

how to clean a greasy keyboard

It is usual for a computer geek to have some food particles or dirt stuck between the keys on the keyboard despite regular cleaning. However, a delay in maintenance can give the keyboard a pretty much greasy look due to the combination of dust and an oily surface. It is where this how to clean a greasy keyboard guide comes in handy.

Having a greasy keyboard is not uncommon, as most enthusiasts and gamers spend most of their time on the computer. It means they must take quick meals while working and the liquid intake. The food particles or liquid spills can gather on the keyboard, and as time pass, they combine to make the keyboard greasy. Let’s begin with the guide on cleaning a greasy keyboard by the items readily available at home.

How to Clean a Greasy Keyboard

Here is the complete guide to cleaning a greasy keyboard no matter how much dirt it has accumulated.

Pre-Requisites of Keyboard Cleaning

Cleaning the keyboard is not a drill everyone is willing to take because of the electronic parts. However, by taking a few precautions, everyone can easily clean the keyboard no matter how much dirt and grease it has accumulated.

Take these considerations into account when starting with the keyboard cleaning process:

  • Take a backup of your data to avoid data loss before cleaning.
  • Ensure that you have a separate or at least enough space to do all the cleaning. 
  • Switch off the laptop and unplug from charging before processing with the cleaning. Removing the battery is a far better measure to save from any issue. When cleaning the desktop keyboard, ensure that you have removed the keyboard from the computer.

How To Clean A Greasy Computer Keyboard

Unlike a laptop keyboard, a computer keyboard is not permanently attached as it connects to the system using a wireless or USB connection. Ensure you have the following supplies before proceeding with the keyboard cleaning.

Cotton Pad (1 piece)

Microfiber cloth (2 pieces)

Isopropyl Alcohol

Compressed Air Can

The best way to clean a greasy computer keyboard is by using Isopropyl Alcohol. It is ideal for cleaning because it can wipe out the oil stains and grease from the keyboard without extra effort. Using mineralized water is also a good option when you don’t have access to Isopropyl.

Using compressed air can is also helpful for the cleaning part. It can remove the dirt and small particles stuck between the keyboard keys. Here are the steps that you need to follow in cleaning the computer keyboard from grease and dirt:

  • Unplug the keyboard from the USB port on the computer.
  • Turn the keyboard upside down and slightly shake it to remove any stuck particles.
  • Take the cotton pad and soak it with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Carefully use the cotton pad to clean the keys and their surroundings.
  • Once you clean the keys using the pad, throw the pad into the dustbin.
  • Take another cotton pad and repeat the above process till you see no dirt or grease.
  • Take a microfiber cloth, soak it with Isopropyl Alcohol, and clean all keys and the remaining keyboard.
  • Use the dry microfiber cloth to give a final round of cleaning.

If you own a mechanical keyboard, you can go deeper while cleaning. Mechanical keyboards have removable keycaps and switches (not often). You can remove the keycaps and clean any dirt or grease underneath them.

How To Clean A Greasy Laptop Keyboard

Cleaning the laptop keyboard is slightly different compared to the computer keyboard. A laptop has a keyboard fixed into its body, and you cannot remove it for cleaning. Therefore when cleaning the laptop keyboard, you must know how to clean greasy laptop keys and body to avoid later frustration. 

Ensure you have the following things before proceeding with the cleaning.

Disinfecting Wipes (a few pieces)

Clear Adhesive Tape (1 piece) or Slime Gel

Compressed Air Can

Microfiber Cloth (1 piece)

Once you have gathered all the required items, it’s time to start the cleaning. Following these steps will help you achieve efficient cleaning.

  • Turn off your laptop and remove attachments like external mouse, USB, and other devices. Remove the battery to be on the safe side.
  • Turn the laptop upside down to remove any particles or dirt from the surface. You can take additional support from compressed air to remove the particles with a blow.
  • Use clear tape to clean the dirty keys. You can stick the tape on the keyboard surface and then remove it. Using slime gel for cleaning is a better option if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.
  • Take the disinfecting wipes and squeeze out any moisture from its surface. Start cleaning the keyboard and its keys by using the wipes. Apply slight pressure when required to clean the keyboard efficiently.
  • Now use a dry microfiber cloth to clean and polish the keyboard.
  • Allow the keyboard to dry for a while before turning the laptop on to avoid mishap.

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Final Words

Cleaning a computer or laptop keyboard is easy and doesn’t require professional help as long as you know how to clean a greasy keyboard at home. You need to remain careful about liquid or other materials during the cleaning. Cleaning the keyboard once in a while can increase its lifespan and prevent the hassle of deep cleaning.

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